Movers & Shakers Interview with Mr.Henri Boccia, CEO of Smart Packaging Solutions

Published: 27 Jan 2010

Industry analyst Shyam Krishnan from Frost & Sullivan interviews the CEO of Smart Packaging Solutions, Mr.Henri Boccia.

SK: Mr.Boccia, on behalf of the Frost & Sullivan smart cards research team, I wish to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to have a dialogue with you today.

HB: Thank you, it's a pleasure.

As one of the European participants in the smart cards arena, SPS has occupied an important position in the smart cards ecosystem. Can you tell us a little bit about your core founding values, the mission and vision of SPS?

HB: I believe that SPS' value that we bring to customers is based around the design and research which goes into our products as well as the security and quality that allows them to depend on our technology. This ties in especially well with the reliability and the overall lifespan of the products that we offer, and these are founding attributes of our value proposition. Through our twenty years of experience in the industry, we have been involved with many high profile projects in European countries and have thus assured a level of quality reputation that sets us apart from the competition. To add to this, many of our products are externally certified and undergo very stringent design and manufacturing phases before reaching our customers.

SPS' core competencies lie in the smart card manufacturing space. Can you tell us how your development initiatives are shaping up, in the current industry scenario?

HB: We are heavily involved with research and development, and have been awarded many patents for our technology and products. This is a value which we bring to our customers in the form of dual interface solutions, advanced ID cards and E-passports inlays, high memory products, various sensors and other smart card based devices which incorporate SPS' technology. Of our workforce, about one third of the personnel are dedicated to research and development, which is significantly higher than many of our more traditional competition.

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