Supporting Enterprise Transformation with Next-Generation Technologies

Published: 23 Dec 2010

By Elka Popova, Program Director, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Mr.Bill Vass

As part of Frost & Sullivan’s ongoing coverage of enterprise transformation trends and evolving technology requirements, we speak with executives who have made a considerable difference in their organizations by deploying advanced technologies to support a growing mobile and remote workforce and enable more effective communications and collaboration across geographically dispersed teams.

This article features Bill Vass, former CIO of Sun Microsystems. Bill and I met at a TELUS/Teletrips event in Toronto promoting services and software supporting organizations in the process of developing flexible work programs. Bill Vass had an impressive story to tell about the program he spearheaded at Sun Microsystems over the past decade.

Elka Popova (EP): Bill, can you please tell us more about the flexible work program you implemented at Sun Microsystems? I understand it was tremendously successful. What triggered the decision to pursue this effort?

Bill Vass (BV): First I would like to take you on a time machine back to the year 2000, from a technology point of view and a business point of view. The Y2K conversion has completed; the boom was still growing and not a bust; and there were limits in technology that aren’t limits today. This is when the initial thoughts around what we called the iWorks Program originated. It was later changed to Flexible Work Program, or the Open Work Program. One of the challenges the company was dealing with at the time was very fast growth. We couldn’t acquire office space and get people into that office space fast enough.

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