Seeking Sustainable Growth: Understanding the Value Real-Time Visibility Technology Brings to Business and People

Published: 20 Sep 2013

In business, the need to quickly locate assets and people has always been important for better productivity. With advanced and sophisticated wireless technologies available, access to an  asset's location information can be easily accomplished. However, it is the real-time location information that empowers a business with the highest degree of intelligence, and Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solutions are capable of bringing real-time data to decision-makers. The ability to solve a wide range of business problems makes RTLS a valuable solution for a range of businesses in a variety of verticals.

Given the benefits of RTLS, it is still not pervasive enough due to lack of public knowledge and understanding, and until recently, the technology was not considered to deliver a solid return on investment (ROI), primarily due to the high cost of acquisition.

This paper explains what RTLS is and how it works, and encapsulates the best practices associated with the RTLS solutions. Frost & Sullivan intends to make this white paper informative and understandable to senior executives who want to know more about what it takes to deploy RTLS in their business processes and reap the benefits of the investments made.

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