Finding Top-Line Opportunities in a Bottom-Line Healthcare Market

Revenue Generation Opportunities Created by an Innovative Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring Solution

Published: 28 Apr 2016

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Contact-free continuous patient monitoring (CFCM) smart solutions can create significant new revenue for hospitals in three ways: reducing length of stay to open capacity for new admissions, securing additional reimbursement by meeting value-based payer program goals, and helping to identify and properly code conditions which could generate additional reimbursement, especially for sepsis, cardiac arrhythmias, and respiratory distress.

“Nearly one-third of U.S. hospitals have negative operating profit margins and many are seeing only low single digit revenue growth,” said Charlie Whelan, Director of Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health Practice in North America. “Hospital executives are searching actively for opportunities to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction and at the same time create incremental revenue and deliver staff efficiency gains.”

CFCM technology allows a facility to monitor effectively every patient bed, and constantly monitor patients’ status without having to connect cables, leads and sensors to the patient. It utilizes a sensor placed under the patient’s mattress or within a chair and leverages analytics to continuously measure vital signs - without needing to touch the patient. This provides a very simple user interface for the caregiver, and less intrusiveness for the patient and their family, all while constantly monitoring the patient, ensuring that they remain safe. Continuous analytics report changes in the status of vital signs which provide clinicians with data indicating the development of adverse conditions, long before they become serious. CFCM has been proven clinically to reduce mortality, patient falls, re-hospitalizations, Code Blue events, alarm fatigue, pressure ulcers and length of stay.

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