Keeping Up with Telehealth

Published: 29 Nov 2016

By Victor Camlek, Principal Analyst

There is no one definition of telehealth.  Some sources prefer the term telemedicine, while others use telehealth.  The common aspects of any definition tend to agree about the “tele” part.  This portion of the word is clearly spelling out that some kind of telecommunications is involved.  Generally people can see a distinction between “health” and “medicine” when used alone, but for some reason things tend to unhinge when tele is combined with either word.  Perhaps the challenge here is that in some cases the distinctions are based on jurisdictional decisions that impact the practice and/or reimbursement of tele-xxxx.  This is the most serious consequence of the problem because those providers seeking to offer telehealth is able to practice a part or all of the associated services  that comprise telehealth, such as videoconferencing or remote patient monitoring (RPM) depending on where they live, their income level, or their age.

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