The Integration of Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence Promises Improved Security

Published: 17 Jul 2017

Various physical and behavioral biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition, voice identification and so forth have significantly raised the level of security. Government and commercial segments have embraced the technologies and won customer satisfaction largely. However, the current state of biometrics is still facing challenges to successfully mitigate terrorist activities and other digital based financial theft crimes. To turn-over the situation, the market observes a range of research and development activities to integrate biometrics with artificial intelligence. The advanced software algorithm platform of the artificial intelligence (AI) processes information provided by biometric technology to detect and prevent suspicious activities in a bid to counterfeit cyber and physical threats in the community. This development provides an expanded growth opportunity for the biometrics technology, given that the technology is set to increase the security many folds. The article gives an overview of the various technology development fronts and the subsequent market expansion opportunity.

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