Health Insurance Marketplace Data Hub Reported to be Ready to Go

by Patrick Riley 11 Sep 2013
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The over 50 government contractors tasked with completing the HIX data hub reported yesterday in Washington that they will be ready to go by October 1st even though they admitted that testing was still being done, according to The Washington Post. Earlier this summer, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) reported progess was lagging and it was very skeptical of Obama administration claims that the data hub would be up and running by October. In response, administration officials rolled up their sleeves and set out to disprove this claim.

Earlier this week, the Obama healthcare team got a shot in the arm of confidence when California, the largest insurance marketplace, stated emphatically that their state run exchange, Covered California, would be functioning as scheduled, albeit with a admixture of online tools, call-center, and community naviator help.

Consultants working with the state run exchanges are cautious in stating that the online capability will be ready on October 1st, but you can expect a rough entry for the first 90 days or so until system bugs and unanticipated errors are researched and solved. They go on to point out that enrolling in a government approved health plan on October 1st is not 100% dependent on the online portals. Citizens can sign up using call-centers and good old-fashioned one dimensional paper.

QSSI, Inc. the largest in terms of contract award dollars who had the unenviable task of completing the data-hub eligibility and enrollment validation piece says it is more than ready. Their task is to ping federal agencies such as Social Security, Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service to verify identity, legal residence and income.

CGI Federal Inc., is also giving a thumbs up. CGI is responsible for building the 35 states that elected to have the feds run their health insurance marketplaces online capabilities and to run their exchanges for them.

All in all, it appears the feds will deliver and be ready October 1st. We will know if less than 3 weeks.

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