Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing webinar series delved into the topic, ‘Transforming Waste to Wealth and promoting Circular Economy.’ Led by industry experts, the session highlighted the critical role of transforming waste into wealth and circular economy principles for sustainable manufacturing.

The panel included Vivekananda Bhat, Growth Expert and Associate Director at Frost & Sullivan; Dr. K. Srinivas, Vice President & Head – Sustainability & Innovation at Re Sustainability Limited; and Ashish Sharma, Vice President – ESG & Sustainability at Akums Group.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the Think Tank.

Optimizing Waste Management: Implementing a robust waste management plan that prioritizes the waste hierarchy (prevention, minimization, reuse, recycle) and leverages stakeholder engagement and innovation is crucial for continuous improvement.
What innovation strategies is your organization implementing to optimize your waste management plan?

Enhancing Waste Collection Efficiency Through Digitalization:Implementing real-time tracking systems (GPS, RFID) for collection vehicles can optimize routes, minimize pilferage, and ensure complete area coverage.
How are your teams leveraging disruptive technologies to revolutionize waste collection system across the manufacturing ecosystem?

Implementing Best Practices: Employing safe and environmentally friendly waste processing methods such as composting organic waste, utilizing advanced recycling technologies, and exploring waste-to-energy options could prioritize minimal emissions.
Is your organization optimizing waste processing with best practices like advanced recycling to maximize resource recovery?

Developing and Deploying Innovative Technologies: Collaboration between waste management companies, technology developers, and policymakers is essential to create and implement effective digital solutions for waste management.
Are you implementing robust technology strategies to unlock growth opportunities in the sustainable waste management landscape?

“While technical hurdles exist, innovative solutions can address them to make waste-to-energy more efficient.”
K. Srinivas
Vice President & Head – Sustainability & Innovation
Re Sustainability Limited

“Investing in innovative solutions like improved waste segregation at the source can significantly improve waste management efficiency.”
Ashish Sharma
Vice President – ESG & Sustainability
Akums Group.

While safety remains paramount, a new wave of innovation is emerging – one that prioritizes not just employee wellbeing but also environmental stewardship. By embracing disruptive technologies with a “waste to wealth” mindset, manufacturers can unlock a circular economy that minimizes waste and maximizes resource utilization. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and together we can pave the way for a more sustainable and profitable future for all stakeholders.

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