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The growing demand for data storage and processing capabilities is positioning data centers as indispensable pillars of tomorrow’s digital economy. This is pushing colocation service providers to pivot growth strategies, while adapting to changing customer priorities, rising competitive intensity, and disruptive technologies. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) represents a paradigm shift in data center operations, offering lower operating costs, increased security, higher efficiency, and better overall performance. This is prompting providers to upgrade traditional infrastructure, while focusing on higher-density racks and liquid cooling solutions that support tomorrow’s AI workloads and low-latency, high-speed data applications.

Frost & Sullivan’s recent Data Centers webinar delved into the fascinating realm of AI Sparked Growth Opportunities in Digital Infrastructure. This engaging discussion explored competitive strategies, technology differentiators, growth opportunities, and best practices in colocation services to help industry incumbents effectively optimize and scale their data center facilities.

Here, the following growth experts collaborated to share their views on disruptive technologies in the Data Centers and Colocation Services ecosystem: Brenden Rawle, Senior Director Business Development, EMEA at Equinix, Lynda Stadtmueller, Senior Vice President and Global Practice Area Leader, ICT at Frost & Sullivan, Nishchal Khorana, Vice President, Global ICT, Frost & Sullivan, and Kriti Yadav, Industry analyst ICT and Data Centers, Frost & Sullivan.

Gain valuable perspectives from these experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of this webinar.

  • Embracing the Technology Evolution in AI: AI technologies are rapidly evolving, from machine learning (ML) and deep learning to more complex algorithms, large language models (LLMs), and generative AI (GenAI). This is pushing AI applications beyond predictive analytics, to content creation in the form of voice, text, data, and images, necessitating robust growth strategies that factor in data readiness, technology implementation, and compliance –How will your IT teams strategize to accelerate AI implementation across different business functions in your organization?
  • Catalyzing Transformation in Colocation Services: The evolution of data centers from managed services to carrier-neutral facilities has paved the way for AI-ready data centers. This transformation demands a rethinking of colocation strategies, focusing on compute, storage, infrastructure, and location planning for AI inferencing and LLM training – Which growth opportunities will help you maximize the ROI potential on your data center investments?
  • Navigating Growth Challenges to Support AI Workloads: Providers feel the pressure to thwart barriers like ensuring sufficient access to power at macro and per rack levels, embracing advancements in chip and silicon performance, keeping pace with the need for higher rack densities, and adopting the latest cooling technologies. This is heralding a new era of colocation services, casting the limelight on AI inferencing – Which best practices will help colocation service providers deliver sufficient power and cooling for high-density racks?
  • Designing Innovative Data Centers: To prepare data centers for AI workloads, scalability, high-density racks, and advanced cooling technologies are emerging as crucial factors. Existing facilities feel the pressure to adopt robust network infrastructure, innovative data center designs that incorporate liquid and hybrid cooling solutions, and integrated edge infrastructure to support low-latency, real-time processing – Are your technologists equipped with the right frameworks and tools to track megatrends amid the transformation in data center technologies and colocation services?
  • Fostering Collaboration in the Data Centers Ecosystem: Successful businesses prioritize collaboration in their data center ecosystems, integrating offerings from IT infrastructure developers, hyperscalers, and service providers, thereby implementing best practices in data storage, orchestration, and workflow management – How will you identify the right partnership strategies to integrate cutting-edge data center technologies that support your organization’s growth goals?


Nishchal Khorana

“AI adoption is creating a paradigm shift in the ICT industry. This megatrend is driving data center service providers to assess emerging growth opportunities and re-align growth strategies, locations, designs, and operations for developing an AI-workload centric value proposition.” – Nishchal Khorana, Vice President, Global ICT, Frost & Sullivan.

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