How is the global automotive industry adapting to the electrification era, and what does this mean for automotive testing?
The automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift with the advent of electric vehicles (EVs), software-centric testing, and sustainable energy practices, reshaping the landscape of vehicle design, testing, and consumption. As companies adapt to this evolution, there’s an increasing need for strategic partnerships and advanced test and measurement (T&M) solutions that cater to the nuanced requirements of this new era. The move towards localized power generation and consumption, coupled with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in automotive development, is setting the stage for a more integrated, efficient, and sustainable future.

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Test & Measurement webinar series explored the intriguing domain Growth Opportunities in Global Test & Measurement; Unlocking Growth Opportunities in Mobility Electrification through Adaptive Testing. This discussion highlights the dynamic evolution of the automotive industry, underscored by technological innovations, shifting industry demands, and the pivotal role of developing regions in defining the future of mobility. It is the result of collaborative efforts from forward-thinking experts who came together to share their perspectives on best practices, emerging megatrends in technology, sustainability, and uncovering growth opportunities within the Electronics & Measurement ecosystem:

Sujan Sami – Growth Expert & Research Director at Frost & Sullivan; Prem Shanmugam – VP & Global Practice Area Leader at Frost & Sullivan; and Satish Mohanram – Commercial Director – India at Tektronix.

Gain valuable insights from industry leaders on the future of automotive testing in the electrification era by clicking here. Explore the transformative viewpoints discussed that are shaping the automotive industry:

  • Transition to Software-Centric Test and Measurement Products: The automotive testing ecosystem is witnessing a pivotal shift towards software enablement in T&M instruments. This transformation enables a comprehensive testing scope, from precise device characterization to intricate vehicle integration assessments, magnifying the depth and flexibility of automotive testing protocols. How is your company harnessing the potential of software-centric T&M tools to streamline product development?
  • Sustainability through Bi-Directional Regenerative Supplies: The automotive industry’s focus on sustainability is increasingly highlighted by the adoption of energy-efficient testing practices, through bi-directional regenerative supplies. This strategy signifies a commitment to minimizing energy waste while also aligning with global sustainability goals. In what ways can your team integrate bi-directional regenerative supplies to align your testing practices with sustainability best practices and industry differentiation?
  • Strategic Partnerships Between T&M Vendors and Automotive Players: As T&M vendors transition from traditional supply roles to strategic partnerships, they become involved in the entire lifecycle of automotive product development. This paradigm transition fosters a collaborative ecosystem conducive to innovation and efficiency. Is your team leveraging partnerships with T&M vendors to catalyze your product development processes and competitive positioning in the evolving automotive landscape?
  • Tailoring Automotive Solutions Across Geographies: The global automotive industry is experiencing a significant shift, with an increased focus on developing vehicles tailored to the unique demands of developing regions. This transition fosters a rich tapestry of innovation and customization, catering to diverse geographical needs. How can your organization leverage these initiatives to ensure your products meet localized demands and seize global growth opportunities?
  • The Wide-Ranging Impact of the Electric Vehicle Revolution: The electrification of vehicles welcomes a broader industry-wide transformation towards localized power generation and consumption. This megatrend has the potential to transcend transportation, influencing energy utilization and distribution across various sectors of daily life. How are you positioned to leverage the expansive impact of the EV revolution, ensuring your company leads the transformation across industries?
  • Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML are at the forefront of revolutionizing automotive testing and development, optimizing algorithms, and enhancing system verifications. This technological innovation offers unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. How can you embed AI and ML into your testing and development frameworks to foster cutting-edge advancements in your automotive offerings?
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