[VIDEO] Connected Health Markets - Landscape, Value Creation, and the Future of Healthcare

by Daniel Ruppar 22 Sep 2013
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Daniel Ruppar, Global Research Director of Frost & Sullivan's Connected Health program was recently interviewed by HandsOnTelehealth CEO Nirav Desai on a variety of points regarding telehealth, mHealth and other important transformative markets in healthcare.

In this interview, Daniel talks in depth about why there is such an interest in connected health, the big events changing the connected health landscape, and where the greatest opportunities are for creating commercial and clinical value.

Click Here to View the Video of Daniel Ruppar's Interview with HandsOnTelehealth

Minute 1: What do you like to do for fun outside of work?
Minute 2: When you talk about Connected Health – what kinds of solutions are within that umbrella?
Minute 3: Why is there so much excitement around Connected Health?
Minute 5: What areas of Connected Health are getting the most interest?
Minute 9: Where are the gaps between what people are looking for and what’s in the marketplace today?
Minute 14: Have you seen any approaches that make it easy for physicians to access patient info?
Minute 17: What are some of the key events that highlight how the industry is changing?
Minute 21: What are your top do’s and don’ts for people trying to get into the connected health space?
Minute 24: What services does Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Health division provide?
Minute 27: Parting comments on why Connected Health is so important.

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By  Jose Nguyen
Kem, Jose

17 Apr 2016 01:43
Great post! Thanks! seemore
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