Published: 16 Jan 2009

Executive Summary

Modern biotechnology, one of the important enabling technologies of the 21st century, is proving its potential in sectors such as health, agriculture and industrial processes. The potential of life sciences and biotechnology is being increasingly leveraged, and is poised to create a new economy with a wealth of information for a number of diverse application areas.

On a global level, biotechnology has exhibited significant progress with a growth rate of 8 per cent in 2007. With the emergence of different '-omics' technologies, the sector has demonstrated new focus and strength. Companies have reinvented themselves with novel strategies to speed up the product development process. Europe, in its own way, has made efforts to keep pace with its global counterparts, and demonstrated a revenue growth rate of 13 per cent in 2007.The European biotechnology market depicted consistent progress with technology transfer initiatives, corporate alliances, financial considerations and novel products.

The biotechnology sector in Poland, though in a nascent phase, is experiencing numerous changes in terms of funding and research initiatives, new laws in favour of the wider acceptance of the technology and novel applications. Being a member country of Europe's Framework Programme 7 (FP7), Poland can leverage funding opportunities across the four components of cooperation, ideas, people and capacities, to better the knowledge economy and society in the country. Interestingly, backed by financial support and government encouragement, several research projects from 'bench top' or laboratory stage, are moving to different stages of development, allowing Poland to be a part of the emerging biotechnology countries.

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