Enhancing Performance of Early Phase Drug Developement Projects

Published: 3 Feb 2010

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly facing increasing demands for efficiency and cost effectiveness, making the development of project management skills and tools combined with their flawless application critical to deliver the best chance of success for a new compound. A well planned and executed project is vital in ensuring the speedy collection of critical data to judge efficacy, safety and the value of progressing the drug candidate to the next level.

However, in drug development it's a constant challenge to identify early on the best candidates and strategic approaches to achieve proof-of-concept and minimise attrition likelihood in p.III. As drug development becomes increasingly globalised, unexpected delays combined with requests for further studies and communication failure can prevent the timely completion of a project.

Frost & Sullivan is media partner for this event which will look to examine the current state of project management approaches during pre-clinical to phase II and the improvements that can be made in planning, implementing, and controlling pharma project components. By developing these areas biopharma companies and project teams will be able to minimise the risks associated with a new drug's development, and better reach go/ no go decisions in both small and large molecule drugs.

Why Attend?

  • This conference will cover how to decide upon early phase research strategies, and the operational project management tools and techniques to be best used:
  • Improve strategic decision making to enable multiple project successes.
  • Minimise risks generated by advancing a compound's development
  • Learn how to execute projects involving varied early phase & remote stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  • Clarify project scope & team responsibilities to enable optimum allocation of resources.
  • Define project management tools and technique to better leverage early stage research
  • Build effective project teams involving both internal and external resources.

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