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Web-only Events: Not yet Ready for Prime Time

by Melanie Turek 12 Jan 2010
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As an analyst specializing in unified communications, I certainly get the value of one-click access to conferencing and collaboration applications. Being able to enter a web conference simply by clicking on a link in an email invite is terrific--no more looking for passcodes or conference IDs. But there's a catch: I'm not always participating in conferences from my desk; often, I need to dial in from the road, usually from an airport lounge or hotel lobby. Sometimes, I need to participate in a call while I'm acting as a chauffeur for my three busy kids. And to do that, I still need a plain-old telephone connection (toll is fine).

But increasingly, I've been getting invited to conferences that are web-only; there literally is no way to call in from a stand-alone phone. And that's a problem. So please: By all means, take adantage of--nay, push--unified communications technology in your meetings and events. But make sure to have alternate forms of access for those participants who may not have a high-speed Internet connection (necessary for video calls) or even an Internet connection at all.

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