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ChinaTel - The Emergence of a New Wireless Broadband Service Provider

24 Mar 2011 | by James Brehm
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Recently, some very interesting news on the wireless broadband market has been

emanating from China. A couple years ago, through a reverse merger between

Mortlock Ventures, Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation, and Trussnet USA, a small,

U.S.-based, over-the-counter traded company named ChinaTel was formed.

With experience in the design, construction, and deployment of more than 20,000 wireless

projects, management of the ChinaTel Group, Inc. is experienced in development activities,

including engineering, deployment, and operations services of wireless broadband

telecommunications networks. Originally entering China by deploying a Wi-Fi network in

Beijing in support of the 2008 Olympics, ChinaTel has had eyes on a bigger prize—

broadband wireless access.

After purchasing a minority stake in CECT-Chinacomm, which can be increased to 49

percent, ChinaTel begins to realize its broadband vision by utilizing Chinacomm’s operator

licenses from the Chinese goverment for the construction and operation of a 3.5 GHz

wireless braodband system in a 29-city coverage area.. Chinacomm is one of five BTS

license holders in the People’s Republic of China. The three largest carriers, China Mobil,

China Unicom and China Telecom, are focused on mobile telephony and not the wireless

broadband market segment.

Additionally, ChinaTel has upped the ante in China, acquiring a stake in

Golden Bridge Network Communications Company, LTD (Golden Bridge), which gives it a

nine-city, last-mile 4G wireless network, expandable to 100+ cities within China.

Until recently, ChinaTel has been relatively quiet, blocking and tackling, taking care of

day-to-day business, and working behind the scenes setting up these and other

relationships. But is more to come?

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