An Outlook on the Automation System Services

Published: 6 Oct 2017

In recent times, Automation Systems are being widely used across various discrete and process industries to improve operational efficiency, thereby reducing cost as well as increasing productivity. Systems such as PLC, SCADA, DCS, Electric Drives and Motor Control Centers have been adopted widely to monitor and control various processes. For instance, major verticals such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Semiconductors, Water and Wastewater treatment and so forth bank on the reliability of these systems to run their plant safely and profitably. Therefore, it is not only important to identify and install the right systems, but also deliver maximum efficiency on the commissioned systems to support the growth of the end users. As the technical complexity of the automation system varies according to the application, a qualified service vendor support is crucial to maximize the benefits throughout the entire lifecycle. Hence, this article is focused on providing an overview of the various automation services available in the market.

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