Frost & Sullivan Names Care-Tech® Medical Devices Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

San Francisco, Calif. — March 16, 2005 — Frost & Sullivan will recognize Care-Tech® Laboratories, Inc. with the 2005 Medical Devices Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award at tonight’s Excellence in Medical Devices & Healthcare Awards Banquet.

Care-Tech® receives this Award for its sound and innovative product range, which covers all segments including operating room, wound care, physical therapy, bariatric medicine, environmental disinfection, and veterinary medicine.

Seeing that traditional antibiotics and antimicrobial formulations have high failure rates in the treatment and prevention of topical infection, Care-Tech® invested considerable resources in the creation of infection control products to remedy this situation. The products have been mainly developed to relieve gross contamination and prevent topical and nosocomial infection.

"Techni-Care®, a collagen-enriched pre- and post-operative solution, is one of the most effective topical bactericidal and microbicidal applications for professional degerming," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan. "Its formulation incorporates a unique molecular structure, which gives it a lower toxicity rate than many competing brands and helps avoid staining of linen and pooling in long procedures."

This antiseptic can be used in a wide range of applications from wound care to pre-operative prepping in the operation room. It has proved to be effective for veterinary procedures also. It comes as a highly concentrate solution, so its effective price is nearly 30-40 percent lower than other products in the market.

Other anti-microbial brands from the Care-Tech® group include Clinical Care® Dermal Wound Cleanser, Care Creme® Antimicrobial Transdermal Cream, and Barri-Care® Antimicrobial Ointment. Such an extensive product portfolio had seen the company grow rapidly, at nearly 20 percent per month in 2004.

"A strong product line with excellent customer service and sound technical knowledge have helped Care-Tech® to position its products effectively and leverage its place in the market for topical antimicrobial prep solutions," concludes Vaishnavi.

Frost & Sullivan presents its Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award each year to the company that has demonstrated superior entrepreneurial ability in its industry. The Award signifies the company's identification of a unique and revolutionary product solution with significant market potential. Additionally, it certifies that the company's marketing strategy is sound and poised for success.

Held in San Francisco, Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Excellence in Medical Devices & Healthcare Awards Banquet honors world-class companies for outstanding performance and achievements in the medical devices industry. An annual event, the banquet recognizes the quality and merit of distinguished individuals and companies.

About Care-Tech® Laboratories, Inc.

Care-Tech® is a 3rd generation, family owned, Research & Development Manufacturer in the O-T-C antiseptic category. John C. Brereton took the helm in August 1987, as President & CEO.

Historically, the firm focused on product development in the area of topical antimicrobial formulations for the long-term care market. The product lines consisted of the first topical, antimicrobial body wash developed (1968) in the United States for geriatric dermal needs; the first complete line of hydro-therapy products (1974-75); the first surfactant/disinfectant combination for whirlpool decontamination (1975); the first and only anti-fungal/antimicrobial body power for bariatric and geriatric patients (1969); a complete line of ostomy and incontinent skin therapeutics (1976); the first antimicrobial body lotion (1966); the first antimicrobial skin cleanser with emoillents (1973), etc.

R & D activities were redirected in 1998 toward the hospital marketplace and the massive skin breakdown apparent in the hands of nursing staffs and operating room personnel. Data was collected from medical journals, CDC, and hospital infection control personnel to determine causative factors for the widespread chemical burns, red, raw, and irritated skin, loss of work, and spiraling surgical site infection rates.

The specific organisms or bacteria common to these environments were studied in conjunction with existing antiseptic technology to determine the possible reasons for failure and if the problems were within Care-Tech’s® existing base of expertise in topical antiseptics.

The product Techni-Care® was developed to provide a new technology, which is pH balanced, non-toxic to cell structures, and safe for mucous membrances with very rapid kill rates on gram-negative and gram positive bacteria, yeast, and fungi; non-alcohol containing and with superior surfactancy or the ability to clean and remove surface oil from the dermis allowing the active ingredient increased efficacy.

Today, Care-Tech® pursues the issues of topical antibiotic failure in bringing to market non-toxic solutions for topical infection with broad-spectrum efficacy. We emphasize preventative technology in a market, which commonly pursues after the fact solutions.

Test marketing is currently proceeding in the veterinary market with overwhelming response to our topical therapies. Our antimicrobial creams, ointments, and solutions are designed to attach man’s greatest enemy and our results are readily apparent.

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