XDR can help users consolidate security management on a single platform and enhance their responsiveness to emerging threats, finds Frost & Sullivan

SAN ANTONIO – Oct. 13, 2021 – The volume of data organizations collect is rarely matched by their ability to manage it. This data boom, combined with the recent multiplication of touchpoints and vulnerabilities, has made it all the more critical for organizations to implement a solution that gives them deep visibility into all of their assets. Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions are effective for adapting to a constantly evolving threat landscape. XDR combines the strengths of security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and network detection and response (NDR) to facilitate rapid detection and response, automation, and analytics.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest white paper, Future-proofing Security Operations, discusses how XDR can be harnessed to advance security and business resilience. It compares the value of conventional solutions with XDR and evaluates its role in driving business growth.

To download the complimentary white paper, please visit: http://frost.ly/6ad

“Some of the key challenges companies face today include data silos within the organization, lack of visibility into their network environment, and insufficient resources to respond quickly and effectively to incidents,” said Qi Yong Lim, Consulting Associate, Security at Frost & Sullivan. “XDR can be a viable solution to these issues as it is designed to unify security data collection and ingestion, provide deep analyses, and automate workflows in various processes.”

“The NetWitness Platform is a comprehensive solution that breaks down the silos inherent in the distributed networks of today’s enterprises. This results in unparalleled visibility and efficiency in security management and incident response and detection,” noted Ben Smith, Field Chief Technology Officer at NetWitness. “This platform streamlines analysts’ event detection and resolution process as well as offers visibility from the edge to the network and through the cloud. Furthermore, its sophisticated user interface and speed of analytics ensure optimum ease of use and operational efficiencies.”

Overall, XDR elevates the security posture of security operations centers (SOCs) by:

  • Equipping them to handle sophisticated threats more effectively.
  • Providing deep, granular visibility into the organization’s network.
  • Reducing the complexity of processing vast amounts of data.
  • Automating response through predefined playbooks.
  • Presenting multiple deployment types.
  • Simplifying decision-making.

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