Exceptional Customer Value of Echo Blaster Underlines JS Company Telemed’s Receipt of Frost & Sullivan Award


London, UK – 22nd September, 2005 - The 2005 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Award is presented to Lithuania-based JS Company Telemed for its Echo Blaster PC-based ultrasound system offering. This innovative, clinically competent, excellently priced, ultrasound system offers exceptional customer value to financially constrained Eastern European healthcare providers. The Echo Blaster, and the higher specification Echo Blaster 128, are therefore set to power Telemed’s growth in the Eastern and also Western European medical imaging modality market of entry level ultrasound equipment.

The Echo Blaster and Echo Blaster 128 offer clinical capabilities comparable to low to medium-end black and white ultrasound scanners of leading global modality vendors, albeit at more economical prices. This has underscored their tremendous appeal as the ideal budget solution in the Eastern European medical imaging modality market. In Poland and Romania for instance, the systems are hugely marketable commodities, particularly among fast expanding private clinics looking to obtain the best clinical capabilities at the fastest return on investment.

“The innovative configuration of standard PC notebooks with beamformers and the use of software scan-converters have underlined the high quality to price ratio,” asserts Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Research Analyst Martin Bryant. “These devices can also be installed into the regular PC and enable the synchronisation of all modules of an ultrasound scanner. They then send the ultrasound information to the monitor display in the real-time mode. These elements can be sold to other OEMs for the construction of their own systems, which represents even greater performance value.”

Exhibiting outstanding capabilities, the Echo Blaster is compact and lightweight, offering full portability at a favourable cost. Despite not being an ultrasound system in the conventionally accepted sense, the Echo Blaster still offers a wide range of real-time features expected of such a system: depth control, dynamic focus, acoustic power, gain, TGC and real-time free-hand zoom.

In addition, the Echo Blaster is compatible with a wide range of ultrasound scanners, thereby opening up the fields of abdominal, cardiac, obstetric, paediatric small part, transrectal, transvaginal and vascular ultrasound to Telemed’s end users. “This range of clinical applications further enhances the value proposition of the Echo Blaster offering, as it provides opportunities for a greater number of referrals and a higher level of reimbursement for healthcare providers in the medical imaging sector,” says Mr. Bryant.

The PC notebook also enables the Echo Blaster system to offer the advantages inherent in a standard PC notebook. This includes the ability to store, review and publish clinical images for an unlimited length of time. Moreover, the option to send still or video-streamed images over the Internet makes telemedicine an extremely affordable prospect.

A commitment to research and development has underpinned recent achievements such as the launching of the new Echo Blaster 128 software in December 2004 and the new Echo Blaster software in April 2005. The ongoing development of a colour Doppler version of Telemed’s Echo Blaster end-user system introduced in August 2005 and software add-ons - free-hand 3D and panoramic imaging along with real-time speckle reduction technique - that are usually available only for high-range equipment, reinforce the company’s efforts to provide high quality, cost-effective products.

“Telemed’s drive to bring its excellent customer value to the higher-end of the ultrasound segment is testimony both to the quality of Telemed’s product offerings and its prospects for expansion into newer and more lucrative markets,” concludes Mr. Bryant.

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