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For over 50 years we have helped organizations survive today while planning for tomorrow. 


Our History

We are very proud of the history of Frost & Sullivan as it has been a combined effort of many people and clients over many years. The timeline of our company will walk you through a year by year history starting with our founding in New York in 1961 to where we are today as a global enterprise covering every industry and region.

Jonathan Swift said: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Lore Frost & Dan Sullivan saw the invisible in 1961 over lunch, starting our 50-year journey. In the half-century since its founding, Frost & Sullivan has become a widely recognized leader in the information and growth consulting industry – A Global Growth Partnership Company.


Through the 1960s, Frost & Sullivan pioneered the identification, analysis, and monitoring of new emerging technologies and markets. Frost & Sullivan was always at the forefront – just as new markets and technologies appeared – with up-to-date research on potential markets. Frost & Sullivan was the first company to offer its services on electronic tape media, delivering world military equipment market data in 1962.


In the 1980s, Frost & Sullivan developed the “Market Engineering” Consulting system and began working directly with clients struggling to address key industry challenges, opportunities, and problems.


In the 1970s, Frost & Sullivan established a European headquarters in London and developed the first Pan-European growth consulting reports

The company founded its Corporate Training division in 1972. Today, it is one of Europe’s premier corporate training centers. The training focuses on corporate management, leadership skills, sales and marketing, data communications, and information technology.

Frost & Sullivan’s Events division was also launched in the 1970s. Frost & Sullivan Events are uniquely designed to integrate training, research, and strategic growth consulting skills with communication among the players in the industry. The events provide senior-level management executives with insights into market opportunities, competitive threats, technical trends, emerging markets, and competitive strategies.


In the 1990s, client demand supported Frost & Sullivan’s expansion into Asia with research and consulting offices in Singapore, China, India, and Korea.

The year 1998 witnessed the successful launch of a new division called Stratecast. This division delivers actionable, conclusive, and insightful strategic analysis utilized by telecommunications industry senior executives in making critical business strategy, technology strategy, and tactical strategy decisions.


In 2004, we began integrating all our research programs to better support our clients. In our Growth Partnership Services (GPS) we now integrate all our research teams to fully support our clients in their decision-making process.

Our 360 degree methodology which is very unique to Frost & Sullivan, is centered around seven key perspectives that every CEO needs in order to make strategic business decisions. The seven perspectives are Competitive Intensity, Customer Dynamics, Industry Convergence, Disruptive Technologies, Global Mega Trends, New Business Models, and Emerging Markets. For more information, please visit 360° Research


In 2001, Frost & Sullivan successfully launched the Economic Research & Analytics (ERA) service which is now called Emerging Market Innovation, which provides economic analysis and forecasting by industry rather than by country. We launched the Economic Development Innovation (EDI) group that focuses on working on critical social issues and works closely with Economic development agencies across the globe.

Also launched in 2001 was a program of comprehensive industry newsletters which we call GCN, to keep our clients abreast of market trends and news.

In March 2001, Frost & Sullivan acquired Technical Insights (TI), which is now called Tech Vision (TV), adding a superior technology research capability to its suite of services. Tech Vision offers several technology subscription services, as well as high-end technology analysis reports.

Expanding on Frost & Sullivan’s success of our popular Analyst Briefings and Events; Frost & Sullivan’s eBroadcast service, as a part of the Brand & Demand solutions, delivers cutting-edge business strategies and solutions to its executive clients through interactive forums online.

In 2005 and again in 2006, the company was ranked No. 1 in the industry in terms of revenue growth, thus providing great credibility that Frost & Sullivan has what it takes to be a growth consultant for its clients

In 2007 and 2008, Frost & Sullivan sought to expand its growth consulting services into a more comprehensive, well-rounded offering. As part of this effort, we introduced the Growth Excellence Matrix and Growth Strategy Dialogues. We also launched Growth Team Membership™, a program that caters exclusively to the CEO and his Growth Team™ and supports their efforts to foster a culture of Growth, Innovation, and Leadership.

2010 and Beyond

Between 2010 – 2012 Frost & Sullivan focused on helping its global clients weather the economic recession globally and create more powerful long term growth strategies based on visionary innovation. Mega trends, new business models and disruptive technologies are creating increasing pressure on companies to transform themselves before they too experience a “Kodak Moment”.

In 2013 Frost & Sullivan made great progress in expanding its GIL brand around the planet. The GIL Newsletter now goes to more than 1M executives passionate about growth, innovation and leadership and the GIL Global Events are now run in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit our Events Calendar

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