The TechVision technology advisors and experts continuously monitor, gather, and analyze deep-dive intelligence on numerous emerging and disruptive technologies through a network of innovators, technology developers, public and private financial institutions, tech academicians and researchers, and other players in the technology ecosystems around the globe. This network is spread across public and private sectors, universities, research institutions, and government R&D agencies.

Our Techvision growth analytics & advisory services help our clients understand how influences such as disruptive technologies, Megatrends, and emerging markets affect your industry. 

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

Chemicals and Advanced Materials

Chemicals and Advanced Materials

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Health and Wellness Technology

Health and Wellness

Information and Communication Technologies

Medical Devices and Imaging


Sensors and Instrumentation

Technology Growth Analytics Services

TechVision strategically-designed service lines empower organizations to leverage dynamic intelligence on emerging technologies to create innovation opportunities, plan technology convergence scenarios, and implement new revenue models. It allows clients to become visibly valuable and thrive in an increasingly agile global business ecosystem.

Our high-impact solutions include a suite of growth analytics and customized advisory services such as technology tracking, deep-dive technology and application forecasting, best practices recognition, and executive think tanks.

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