Awarding companies throughout a range of regional and global markets for their superior leadership and innovation

years of experience

global research analysts


Our awardees have toiled for months and years to make a difference in their industries. Our mission is to not only recognize, but honor these companies to acknowledge that their hard work was worth it.

Innovation Generator

Our 6 analytical perspectives are crucial in capturing the broadest range of innovative growth opportunities, most of which occur at in each segment of these perspectives.

Growth Pipeline

Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary model to systematically create ongoing growth opportunities and strategies for clients is fueled by our Innovation Generator™.


Identifying true innovators, disruptors, and leaders starts with Frost & Sullivan’s independent and primary research market analysis. Each Best Practice Award results from our analyst team putting in hundreds of hours of work to identify those paving the way in significant new growth areas. Demonstrating unique excellence in fields such as product innovation, business strategy, and customer value, each awardee overcomes key industry challenges while exceeding the award’s preset criteria.

Recognizing Excellence and Leadership for 20 Years

The Best Practices group began uncovering companies carrying out excellence in leadership and innovation in 2001. With industry expertise in 12 major market sectors, Frost & Sullivan utilizes our proprietary methodology to determine key industry challenges before benchmarking competitors and selecting the leading company.

“The day this Award was announced our stock jumped 10%”

– Kim Niederman, President, 8×8

“How did we become so successful? Mainly because we’ve cooperated for more than 15 years with Frost & Sullivan.”

– Felix Klienhert, Managing Director, Pumps & Systems, NETZSCH