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Jan Kristiansen
Senior Partner & Global Head – Growth Advisory

Top 5 Strategic Imperatives

Why Now? Why This? Why You?
Frost & Sullivan Strategic Imperative 8
  • Internal Challenges – Excessive information complicates search for actionable growth insights
  • Competitive Intensity – Generic solutions stifle growth, neglecting industry, organizational needs
  • Innovative Business Models – Leaders lack expertise to navigate growth complexities with confidence
  • Industry Convergence – Inefficient processes impede organizations from reaching full potential
  • Transformative Megatrends – Building resilient growth strategies is challenged by market uncertainty

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The 10 Growth Processes

Competitive Strategy

Most companies appreciate the need for incorporating competitive information into decision making, but few are adept at treating it as an integral component of a long-term growth strategy.

Customer Strategy

The process of increasing revenue by better understanding, anticipating, and responding to customers’ changing needs. Turn this into action and see a positive return on those actions.

Distribution Channel Optimization

We help our clients develop and implement compelling supply chain, distribution and retail strategies integrating digital solutions.

Geographic Expansion

We examine key political, economic, cultural, legal, customer, and infrastructural issues within each country, and ensure our clients leave no stone unturned when undertaking a geographic expansion effort.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies looking to expand into new markets, pursue new growth opportunities and hit aggressive targets must build Mergers & Acquisitions into their long-term growth strategies.

New Product Development

We understand that the path to new product development success is through the application of a rigorous, balanced process for evaluating any idea prior to entering the market.

New Product Launch

We have developed a new product launch process that is unbiased, repeatable, and focused on implementation success.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships deliver access to new markets or customers, accelerate new product development cycles, and improve a company’s competitive positioning.

Technology Strategy

We are dedicated to helping our clients foster a culture of innovation and creativity within their organizations, leveraging technology growth opportunities to define strategic goals.

Vertical Market Expansion

Successful companies consistently look beyond their current markets for new growth opportunities. Vertical markets are a compelling path to those new revenue streams.

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