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David Frigstad
Chairman & Founder

Mangesh Lal Shrestha
Global Vice President: Growth & Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Strategic Imperatives

Why Now? Why This? Why You?
Frost & Sullivan Strategic Imperative 8
  • Transformative Megatrends – The Intelligence Revolution is transforming the ecosystem at an unprecedented pace
  • Disruptive Technologies – AI driven applications are creating unprecedented growth opportunities
  • Competitive Intensity – AI is accelerating Growth Velocity at unprecedented pace
  • Innovative Business Models – The Intelligence Revolution is disrupting the traditional siloed business models
  • Internal Challenges – Transforming in to an AI-First Company is extremely perplexing

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Our Solution

FROST AI Engine™

FROST AI Engine powers your Transformational Growth Journey by integrating AI with your company

Growth Vector™

Growth Vector = Growth Strategy + Growth Technology accelerating your Growth Velocity



Human Intelligence + Digital Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence Collaboration framework to win with AI

Top 5 Benefits & Impacts

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