Growth Coaches

Frost & Sullivan Growth Coaches are instrumental in helping companies drive their transformation journey into the future. They provide strategic oversight and guidance, from identifying the right growth opportunities for your company to enabling continuous improvement. They are here to ensure you are future-ready and maximizing your growth potential.

Alexander Michael

Alexander Michael has 25 years of industry and corporate strategy advisory experience and heads up Frost & Sullivan’s global ICT Advisory practice. He is fluent in six languages with work experience from 14 countries and well-developed, cross-cultural problem-solving skills. He is passionate about helping organizations grow and achieve differentiation through game-changing technology like the practical application of artificial intelligence to business processes and use cases.

His functional expertise includes:

  • Customer experience and engagement.
  • Employee experience and the future of work.
  • Strategic partner programs and ecosystem creation.
  • Technology convergence.

Arnaud Bossy

Arnaud Bossy is a seasoned strategic advisor with a global vision across industries to guide organizations in growing and diversifying sustainably. He is agile in the worlds of corporate, investors, and small & medium enterprises with more than 20 years of consulting and is Senior Vice President with a Global Leader role. His areas of expertise include:

  • Building sustainability strategies.
  • Diversifying investment portfolios.
  • Implementing go-to-market strategies with new partners.
  • Designing and articulating differentiated value propositions.
  • Developing operational excellence.

Dinesh Sampath Rangaraj

Dinesh is passionate about building organizations and helping them grow. He has over 20 years of experience advising clients across healthcare, semiconductors, and information, communication, and technology sectors. As Senior Vice President and Principal, Dinesh works as a trusted advisor to senior leadership at companies to drive growth and be ready for the future. His areas of expertise include:

  • Business strategy.
  • M&A and partnerships.
  • Business model transformation.
  • Sales and marketing strategy.
  • Product portfolio strategy.

Ethan Smith

As an Industry Thought Leader and commercial practice head for Energy and Industrial sectors, Ethan specializes in decarbonization and digital transformation strategies for the world’s leading companies. He helps companies take their products and solutions to market by aligning their value proposition to the customer’s unmet needs.

Greg Caressi

Greg Caressi has served in executive management roles, building and leading market analytics, growth advisory, and sales and business development teams. In addition to authoring numerous studies in his areas of focus, he has been involved in numerous strategic growth projects, with a focus on:

  • Next-generation technologies and technology adoption.
  • End-user and product/feature/pricing analysis.
  • International expansion strategies.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • M&A target analysis.
  • Detailed demand modeling.
  • Next-generation healthcare, with a focus on digital health, telehealth, data and analytics, and customer engagement solutions.
  • Healthcare and life science information technology.
  • Health IT infrastructure and platforms.

Greg has hands-on experience in international expansion strategies and implementation in Asia and Latin America and on-the-ground experience in China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and other developing economies. He has been a chairman, speaker, and trainer at industry conferences and events in the U.S., Asia, and Latin America.

Mani James

Mani is currently a Senior Vice President with Frost & Sullivan with over 23 years of proven global expertise across business strategy and planning, transformation, business development, social and digital selling, program management, Mega Trends, business models, and strategic partnering. He is very passionate about getting enterprises and business leaders ready for a future shaped by growth. Having led successful teams at Frost & Sullivan, his sector expertise includes chemicals, materials, agriculture, lubricants, batteries, education, the public sector and government, and economic development. Mani has regional-specific knowledge across Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Navoch Mohanayak

Navoch Mohanayak is a professional Futurist and Growth Strategist. Currently, Vice President and Regional Strategy Consulting Practice Leader, Navoch’s experience in enabling change and innovation spans a wide range of industries and geographies.

For nearly two decades, Navoch has provided business growth and sustenance advisory to leadership teams of world-class companies and exciting startups globally. He has also been a consultant to government departments and agencies of multiple nations.

An Electrical engineer with a Master’s in Business Management, Navoch has dedicated his career to Trendspotting and using Strategic Marketing techniques to convert Ideas to Cash. As a practitioner of Design Thinking and Deep Insighting, Navoch has developed expertise in nudging top executives, innovators and technologists to challenge paradigms and benefit from the shift.

Ram Ramasamy

Ram has a deep understanding of the energy and industrial sector and has worked with leading companies to develop and implement innovative strategies to drive growth and profitability. He has a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategies that have enabled companies to achieve their business objectives. His understanding of the technology, business models, and market dynamics of the industrial automation and digital transformation space fast-tracks time to value for his clients.

As a growth coach, Ram works with his clients to boldly tackle the many disruptions they face. His passion for technology-led transformations has been a constant factor in co-leading thought leadership development.

Ram is Vice President and Global Client Leader, managing a global portfolio of industrial and information technology clients. His areas of interest to identify growth opportunities include:

  • Industrial Internet-of-Things.
  • Edge computing.
  • Industrial AI.
  • Energy transition.
  • Digital lifecycle services.
  • Ecosystem and new business models.

Ravi K

Ravi has built, grown, and managed high performance teams throughout his career. He has over 25 years of engineering and strategic advisory experience across energy, environment, buildings & construction, industrial technologies, and manufacturing sectors.

Ravi is the global leader for Sustainability Advisory and Senior Vice President for Energy and Industrial Practices in Asia Pacific. He is passionate about the Mega Trends of Sustainability and Digitalization.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Global market expansion strategies.
  • M&A and strategic partnerships.
  • Forecasting and scenario planning.
  • Energy transition.

As a Growth Coach, Ravi works with senior leaders to maximize the future growth potential of their organizations.

Reenita Das

Reenita Das is a healthcare futurist and strategist, passionate about changing the healthcare industry. She was voted among the top 100 women in Femtech and Healthtech and the top 50 Healthcare strategists to follow in 2021. She has lived and worked in over 10 countries, focusing on healthcare issues and working with the public and private sectors to implement growth change strategies. She serves as Partner and Senior Vice President and is the first woman Partner at Frost & Sullivan.

Her areas of interest in identifying growth opportunities include:

  • Women’s health.
  • Digital health.
  • Precision diagnostics and precision medicine.
  • Chronic disease management.

Sapan Agarwal

Sapan is a Business Transformation Leader and a Growth Coach. For over two decades, he has advised senior business leaders in the private and public sectors in North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. He is passionate about change management and market development.

An advocate of transformation, he leads Growth Councils in Asia and the Middle East–an exclusive, invite-only community of C-Suites across industries to learn from and share with each other. He is based in Dubai, serving as a Senior Vice President working directly with the Board of Directors at Frost & Sullivan in organizational design and unlocking future growth opportunities.

Dr. Satish Lele

Dr. Satish Lele has extensive advisory experience in providing strategies for market expansion, distribution, supply chain, technology, and manufacturing. In his role, he has worked with diverse clients to develop strategic roadmaps and ensure their implementation. He serves as Senior Vice President in the Growth Strategy and Implementation Practice and is the Regional Lead of Advisory for Asia Pacific.

His areas of interest in identifying growth opportunities include:

  • Industrials and Manufacturing.
  • Chemicals, Materials, and Nutrition.
  • Sustainability.
  • Industry 4.0.

Shylesh Narayanan

Shylesh Narayanan has been associated with Frost & Sullivan since 2003 in business expansion, providing client solutions, including acquisition, engagement, and incubating new verticals/functions across geographies. He has been involved in several new initiatives and transformation activities of the organization based in Chennai, India.

He has 30+ years of experience across sectors like pharma, consumer light household goods, software, and consulting. As a Certified Growth Coach at Frost & Sullivan, he supports organizations in their growth journey and maximizes their future growth potential.

Subhash Joshi

Subhash Joshi is a thought leader, futurist, and strategist with over 17 years of experience following his passion for contributing to the mobility industry. He has worked with many global and regional clients, focusing on key growth areas, and with the private and public sectors to implement growth change strategies. His views are sought after by leading media houses, and he has been invited to participate in some of the leading conferences in the region.

Vivek Vaidya

Vivek is a thought leader and opinion maker in the mobility (automotive & transportation) industry. With 28 years of experience comprising of industry as well as advisory, he brings robust and practical strategic knowledge to the table. He runs two global initiatives – Intelligent Mobility Summit (The Global Thought Leadership Summit) and Growth, Innovation, Leadership Council for mobility clients which strengthens his relationships with CXOs on an ongoing basis.

As a Growth Coach he focusses on:

  • Growth strategies and implementation.
  • Business model transformations.
  • Strategies to benefit from industry convergence.
  • Strategies to benefit from transforming the value-chain.


He is a preferred industry expert on TV channels, a keynote speaker at marquee events, a sought after panel discussion & roundtable moderator, a published author, and an avid trekker.