Growth Pipeline as a Service

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Our experts are fanatical about Growth.

Growth is hamstrung by strategic distraction.

A company whose revenue increases more slowly than GDP is five times more likely to succumb, usually through acquisition, than a company that expands more rapidly than GDP. To outperform competitors and succeed in the long term, companies must achieve top-line growth by competing in the right places, at the right times, with the right solutions.

Frost & Sullivan works with organizations to accelerate their growth by eliminating strategic distractions. We help business leaders answer fundamental strategy questions to build a collective vision of future business, level complex challenges in rapidly changing landscapes, optimize resource allocation, and leverage key growth opportunities.

Envision the Future. Plan the Present.

The Frost & Sullivan Growth Advisory Model lays the foundation for your strategic planning. We accelerate your growth by connecting the five integral phases of business development into a loop of continuous improvement & innovation.

Our framework guides organizations through various challenges – from specific tactical decisions to broader strategy initiatives of different sizes, scopes, and stages. We systematically evaluate your universe of growth opportunities, assess critical business model factors, and connect key milestones to create an action plan for your business.

Growth Consulting Model

Growth Pipeline

Determination of the opportunity universe.

Opportunity Evaluation

Deep analysis of prioritized opportunities.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Translation of strategic alternatives into a cogent strategy.


Planning & Implementation

Implementation of specific plans with milestones, targets, owners, & deadlines.


Monitoring & Optimization

Optimization of strategies & implementation actions.

Optimize Decision-Making

The Frost & Sullivan Growth Advisory team will map your current business position to locate your Growth Zone – the strategic space filled with opportunities core to your company’s mission.

We pinpoint your Growth Zone by weighting the business landscape against your own objectives and capabilities. The qualitative & quantitative evaluation optimizes your decision-making and eliminates strategic distraction.

In-depth analysis

Access unparalleled breadth of primary Growth Opportunity Analytics coverage across industries from 800 industry analysts & 40 global locations.

Select interviews

Gain perspective from internal & external sources to build a 360⁰ view of your brand, competitive position, & perceptions.

Data analysis

Create intelligence by systematically evaluating statistical & logical patterns & generate unbiased, data-driven growth opportunities.

Focus groups

Test core hypotheses of potential solutions with live participants. Receive feedback & adjust solutions in real-time. 

Define Key Strategies


Differentiation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability are the core tenets of successful strategies. We help our clients direct time & resources to the key growth opportunities matching their own core capabilities. Our analysis frameworks push business leaders to assess their own strengths, weigh the competitive situation, and formulate appropriate responses. Frost & Sullivan understands how to course correct ineffective strategies, which fail to produce profitable top-line growth, and how to model decision-making & implementing processes to move the needle for our clients’ economic and competitive strength.


Assess landscape, formulate an optimal response, & produce profitable top-line growth.


Achieve the ideal level of customer insight, engagement, and communication.


Overcome the fear of betting on the unknown & incorporate technology into long-term plans.


Realize major performance uplifts by connecting with key collaborators & partners.


Assess product viability & determine critical success factors for development and launch.


Shorten learning curve & provide a robust pipeline to fuel future growth.

Merger & Acquisitions

Invest in upfront research, detailed integration analysis & coordinate due diligence.

Implement Your Plan


Many companies develop promising growth strategies, only to see them fail due to unsuccessful implementation. Frost & Sullivan guides clients through development & support programs to improve the efficient and successful implementation of your growth strategies. We offer a range of tools, organizational design expertise, and coaching capabilities to help clients assess their implementation skills, identify challenges, and devise improvement strategies. Our Growth Advisory services team supports clients’ strategy execution efforts through tailored best practices implementation programs, networking events, and other solutions.

Best Practices

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the experiences of others? Generate major savings in time and money, and reduce risk by avoiding mistakes made by other companies.

Strategic Roadmap

Analyze critical success factors. Outline next steps (i.e. “how to get started) . Highlight key milestones: 1-2 years, 2-4 years, & 4+ years.

Organizational Development

Baseline assessment of organizational potential. Evaluate your executive team’s strengths, challenges, strategies, and cohesiveness.

Growth Think Tanks

Interactive, on-site sessions designed to engage & train your team on implementation tools and techniques.

Monitor & Optimize


Ultimately, our clients aim to achieve executive-level consensus on the organization’s mission and vision. A strategic plan sets an organization’s long-term focus, shorter-term goals, objectives, and performance measures. However, strategy is not a static concept. Ritual revisions are required as shifts occur across the market, industry, and world. Thoughtful, measured adjustments ground an organization’s growth approach in a reality.

Frost & Sullivan works with business leaders to move an organization forward along its desired path, incorporate change management principles, and foster organization-wide commitment to optimizing strategic performance. Our Growth Advisory Model connects the 5 integral phases of business development into a loop and sets the stage for continuous improvement.


Monitor core strategy performance against competitive benchmarks & company objectives. 


Focused adjustments data-driven, & tested strategy solutions over time. 


 Leverage measurement insights to optimize your tactics & reinforce your growth pipeline.


Benchmark innovation practices against industry peers.  Pinpoint high-priority improvement opportunities.

Are YOU ready to embrace transformation?

Frost & Sullivan has six decades of experience analysing industry transformation and identifying innovative growth opportunities. Start your transformational journey that, fuelled by four powerful components, will ensure your success in navigating the ever-changing landscape of your industry.

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