Growth Opportunity Analytics by Industry

Frost & Sullivan discovers growth opportunities your organization could be overlooking.

Frost & Sullivan Aerospace Industry Icon

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace, Defense & Security practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities, and bespoke advisory services.
Agriculture Icon - Service by Industry

Agriculture & Nutrition

We help our clients identify the key challenges facing the agriculture and nutrition industry sector in order to be successful in this market space today and tomorrow.

Banking & Finance Icon - Industries

Banking & Finance

The Business & Financial Services group helps clients make sense of global trends and regional developments in the financial services sector.
Visionary Science’s Chemicals and Materials icon

Chemicals & Materials

The Chemicals and Materials in Infrastructure and Mobility program help companies understand opportunities and threats and make informed strategic and tactical decisions.
Cybersecurity Icon - Industry Services


Make sense of cybersecurity challenges and understand how security is a 21st-century business enabler is why organizations around the globe utilize Frost & Sullivan's cybersecurity analytics.

Electronic Sensors Icon

Electronics & Sensors

The Microelectronics cluster of the TechVision group offer services that support various stakeholders in the consumer electronics value chain in their growth strategy initiatives.
Energy Industry Icon


The energy industry is undergoing a rapid transformation from a static and conventional system to the fluid and dynamic Internet of Energy.
Environment Industry Icon


Technology convergence is a major theme in environment and sustainability.
Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Icon


Our Healthcare & Life Sciences pratice has a powerhouse team of experts & advisors covering all facets of this trillion-dollar industry.

Industrial Automation Icon


Our industrial program provides global market intelligence, thought leadership, and interactive think tanks to help our clients identify the top Megatrends.

Information Technologies Icon

Information and Communications Technologies

The Information, Communication & Technology teams use the breadth and depth of the ICT industry and vertical market knowledge base to enable digital transformation for business strategy.
Frost & Sullivan Investor Services

Investor Services

Frost & Sullivan’s investment advisory team has been serving private equity, venture capital and investment banks for over 50 years.
Media Industry Icon

Media & Entertainment

The team has been working closely with vendors, channel partners, standards bodies, and end-user groups for close to 20 years.
Metal = Minerals Icon

Metals/ Minerals

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise and advisory include work in the following strategic and operational areas and stretches across ferrous, non-ferrous and minerals.

Mobility Icon


The Frost & Sullivan Mobility practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities.
Oil & Gas Icon

Oil & Gas

Frost & Sullivan spotlights innovations, business models, processes, and best practices that have the potential to reduce the complexity and inefficiencies within upstream Oil & Gas.
Personal Protective Equipment icon

Personal Protective Equipment

The competitive landscape for the PPE industry will be very different in 2030, driven by innovation, disruptive business models.
Technology Icon


Frost & Sullivan’s Business Strategy & Innovation program is designed to mirror a corporate strategy division of a Fortune 500 company.
Telecom Icon


The Connected Work program provides comprehensive coverage of enterprise communications and collaboration markets.
Test & Measurement Icon

Test & Measurement Instrumentation

Our 3C Program focuses on delivering the strategic insights and growth opportunities you need to stay ahead of the curve amidst inevitable disruptions and transformations.
Transportation - Logistics Icon

Transportation & Logistics

The Frost & Sullivan Mobility practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities.