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Frost & Sullivan and Automechanika join forces

Frost & Sullivan and Automechanika join forces to enhance their offerings to industry professionals

​Frost & Sullivan and Automechanika join forces to enhance their offerings to industry professionals. As a Global Knowledge Partner, Frost & Sullivan will actively contribute to the knowledge enrichment at Automechanika’s portfolio of international trade fairs spanning four continents, as well as the potential impact this collaboration will have on advancing industry knowledge and fostering innovation within the automotive aftermarket. Find out more: Automechanika and Frost & Sullivan forge new partnership for Global Impact (

FADA and Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Index (CEI): Driving Better Customer Insights for the Indian Auto Industry

Frost & Sullivan and Automechanika join forces to enhance their offerings to industry professionals

​The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) and Frost & Sullivan have teamed up to introduce the groundbreaking Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study. This initiative is set to transform how the Indian automobile industry understands and serves its customers. With the first report expected in September 2024, this comprehensive study aims to deliver data-driven insights that will refine customer strategies across the sector.

A Deep Dive into Customer Experiences

In its inaugural year, the CEI study will focus on the passenger vehicle segment, including Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs/MPVs, EVs, and luxury cars. A detailed questionnaire will collect insights from 8,000 participants across 26 cities, including seven metropolitan areas, sixteen Tier-2 cities, and three Tier-3 locations. This diverse data set will ensure the study captures the varied needs and experiences of the Indian car buyer.

Setting New Standards

FADA President Mr. Manish Raj Singhania described this initiative as a landmark moment in understanding and meeting customer needs. Partnering with Frost & Sullivan brings credibility and depth to the research, ensuring the CEI provides manufacturers and dealers with actionable insights to craft better strategies.

FADA Research & Academy Chairman Mr. Vinkesh Gulati emphasized that this study will convert anecdotal feedback into data that will drive meaningful improvements in customer satisfaction. The aim is to surpass customer expectations and set new benchmarks in the automotive sector.

Empowering the Industry

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Managing Partner Mr. Aroop Zutshi believes that the CEI will empower manufacturers and dealerships alike to better adapt to evolving customer needs, particularly as the automotive industry continues to expand and evolve with new technologies.

The insights gleaned from this study will be a game-changer, offering manufacturers, dealers, and stakeholders a strategic roadmap for building customer loyalty. Stay tuned for the results, which will be unveiled in September 2024!