Avi Kalo

Avi leads Frost & Sullivan's Defense Growth Opportunity Analysis in the Middle East and Europe, holds extensive connections in the US defense establishment, due to his rich military background. Avi served 25 years in the hub of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate in the IDF as Senior and Units Commander, followed by previous extensive operational background in various of military domains and arenas. Avi holds wide experience in the areas of intelligence, relevant IT technologies and alongside advanced weapon systems, cyber security, UAVs, and defense architectures. He served as a leading analyst in the analysis department of the IDF, dealing with regional & global security to defense aspects, and served also as a member to the Israel-US intelligence coordinated senior group. He is a lawyer, holds expertise in international law, arms control and arms export regulations, while specializing in crisis management and negotiation, in particular with terrorist organizations. Avi graduated MBA from Tel Aviv University and LLM from UC Berkeley, California, and he is a research associate at the global-known international institution for Counter-Terrorism, Herzliya, Israel.