Energy monitoring solutions are a cornerstone for customers that wish to reach net zero. Integrating Internet of Things (IoT)-based technologies further enhance energy monitoring solution capabilities by providing real-time visibility and insights of equipment and critical asset infrastructure. IoT-based energy monitoring solutions give customers quick access to timely and granular energy data (circuit/equipment level). This helps customers understand and identify opportunities to proactively reduce and manage emission levels.

Frost & Sullivan has identified Vutility as a vendor-agnostic B2B2B go-to-market solution provider offering innovative, non-intrusive, cost-effective, and scalable IoT- based energy monitoring solutions. Complex, time-intensive, and intrusive installations drive up the costs of incumbent solutions, limiting real-world use cases. Lower data acquisition costs are critical to unlocking more value and opportunities to improve building efficiency. Vutility intelligently solved these challenges through its HotDrop and PulseDrop sub-metering solutions. Its effortless facility installation and its non-intrusive, plug-and-play design ensures rapid installation and enable asset data relay in less than 15 minutes. Unlike competing solutions, both HotDrop and PulseDrop are installed live without any asset operation interruptions. They eliminate the need for external power supplies or alterations to existing infrastructure. The simple three-step installation process—Scan, Snap, and See Data—can be done in seconds, eliminating nearly all installation and commissioning costs. More than a hundred Vutility sub-metering devices can be installed in the same time that it takes to install a traditional metering solution. Furthermore, the costs of ownership for HotDrops and PulseDrops are up to 90% lower than competing metering and sophisticated monitoring devices.

HotDrop’s ability to provide real-time circuit-level energy data is what first caught Frost & Sullivan’s attention. The real-time access to granular data at the circuit level and the solution’s ability for each HotDrop to transmit over half-a-million data readings annually, offering customers reliable and timely facility performance insights. This award recognizes the company’s achievements in redefining IoT-based energy monitoring solutions for building management.

With HotDrop and PulseDrop, Vutility unlocks the potential of emerging use cases for real-time energy data by creating opportunities for positive ROI, which enables last mile AI and analytics providers to enhance their offerings with timely, granular, and contextualized data. Frost & Sullivan sees Vutility as the ideal partner for energy benchmarking and supporting the development and implementation of sustainable solutions like electric grid programs and smart buildings.

Vutility is an emerging IoT-based energy monitoring solution provider widely recognized for its low-cost and highly scalable solutions, HotDrop and PulseDrop. Vutility’s vendor-agnostic B2B2B go-to-market strategy makes it a flexible and versatile partner for customers across any industry. Frost & Sullivan has recognized Vutility for its innovation and customer value leadership owing to its strong engineering prowess, which is committed to delivering best-in-class energy monitoring solutions that perform energy audits, support a clean energy future, and optimize operational efficiencies. Vutility also has the potential to unlock new revenue opportunities by monetizing service-based business models. Frost & Sullivan is pleased to award Vutility with the 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award in the North American IoT Energy Monitoring Solutions for Building Management.

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