Change Management

Successful change management is inextricably linked to successful strategy implementation. It helps ensure that the organization is aware of, and prepared to support and execute its highest-priority growth strategies

Change Management Hot Topics:

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Acknowledging existing company culture, values, and behavioral tendencies in change management plans

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Identifying internal champions for change

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Structuring ongoing and effective internal communications, especially through internal social networks and digital technology

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Implementing simple Change Management monitoring solutions (tools & processes), coupled with effective communication strategies, to facilitate and share success

Value Proposition:

We believe that change management initiatives are most effective when (1) based on deep comprehensive market assessments of current and future industry trends that align change management plans with a long-term vision for success, and (2) companies communicate this information at each organizational level, underscoring why and how change must occur.

Consulting Approach:

Successful change management initiatives are built upon on a well-informed, long-term strategy for the organization. We therefore focus first on helping clients build a growth strategy that is based on highly detailed market, customer, competitive and economic analyses. Once the strategy is defined, we help clients identify organizational barriers to executing the long-term strategy, and resolve these by designing an appropriate Change Management program.