Climate Change: A Multi-Faceted Threat to Human Health


Figure 1:  How climate change is affecting health and healthcare

Climate Change affecting Health

Source: Frost & Sullivan, Adaptation from the American Public Health Association


Figure 2:  How climate change is affecting health and healthcare: Average annual death due to temperature changes

Annual Temperature change

Source: Frost & Sullivan


Figure 3:  How climate change is affecting health and healthcare: Average annual death due to airpolution

Source: Frost & Sullivan


Combatting Climate Change’s Health Impacts for a Resilient Future

  1. Public Awareness:
  • Raise public awareness through campaigns.
  • Educate communities on staying safe during severe weather, heat waves, and disease outbreaks.
  • Implement early warning systems and heat action plans.
  • Protect vulnerable populations like the elderly and children.
  1. Infrastructure Upgrades:
  • Build resilient health infrastructure to handle climate-related disasters and increased healthcare demand.
  • Develop disaster preparedness and response plans tailored to climate-related health risks.
  • Prioritize green spaces and green infrastructure in urban design to mitigate urban heat islands and improve air quality.
  1. International Cooperation:
  • Global coordination is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support vulnerable regions.
  • Establish research and surveillance systems to track and evaluate climate change’s impact on health.
  1. Overall Goal:
  • Reduce the detrimental health effects of climate change.
  • Foster resilience in communities worldwide by implementing and adapting these strategies to local contexts.

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