august, 2015

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Smart Infrastructure


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Short Description:

Archana Vidyasekar, team leader, Visionary Innovation Research Group, led a panel discussion on the Future of Infrastructure. Our panel of experts, including Robin Varghese, senior research analyst, Visionary Innovation Research Group, and Dan Byles, VP – corporate development, Living PlanIT, discussed key points that affect various industries, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

You Will Discover:

Smart technologies are rapidly becoming pervasive, impacting all aspects of our lives and changing the way we connect or interface with individuals or even infrastructure. With the rapid rate of urbanization and depleting resources, it is essential to rethink our infrastructure strategy to see how we can best optimize the capabilities of hard physical infrastructure. Smart technologies available today offer a viable solution to the optimization problem by making data-driven infrastructure. Smart infrastructure is therefore intelligent infrastructure that is pro-active in terms of usage, interaction, and efficiency. Connectivity and convergence have helped infrastructure providers innovate and provide intelligent transport systems, smart grids, smart waste management, smart water grids/solutions, etc., using sensors and big data. Market participants are currently strategizing to execute next-generation services, given the possibility of much faster technology in 5G and other communication services. Governments the world over are envisioning multimodal transport models, renewable energy integration, and sustainable water strategies with this new viable option.

Niche players have launched urban operating systems for such technology and data-driven infrastructure.  The possibility of integrating Internet of Things architecture at a city level, facilitating seamless communication between infrastructural systems, will be the way forward.

In this presentation, we will look at examples of smart infrastructure and operating systems making cities more connected, efficient, responsive, automated, and user-centric.

Tune in for insights on the following:

  • Learn about the $83 trillion revenue split on global infrastructure
  • Witness how current infrastructure fare in comparison to next-generation smart infrastructural systems
  • Learn how big data analytics is making in-roads in the infrastructure space
  • What kind of financial flexibility opportunities does smart infrastructure provide?
  • What are the impacts of Mega Trends on the future of infrastructure?
  • How will the role of citizens in the smart infrastructural ecosystem change?
  • Learn about the transformational shifts in regulatory approach
  • What will be stakeholder activities in the future infrastructural ecosystem?


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