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The increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks, particularly those exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, is posing a significant risk to organizations, highlighting the urgent need to bolster web application defenses. At the same time, stringent global data security and privacy regulations are heightening pressure on organizations to safeguard personal information and sensitive data, mitigating the risk of data breaches originating from web applications. Furthermore, the proliferation of public-facing application programming interfaces (APIs) is exacerbating API-related attacks, triggering investments in web application firewall (WAF) security solutions to safeguard both web applications and APIs from diverse cyber threats.

Frost & Sullivan’s recent Cybersecurity webinar delved into the realm of – Modernizing Application Security Strategies to Secure Today’s Web Applications. This engaging discussion yielded pivotal contributions shaping the industry’s future, thanks to the collaborative efforts of visionary experts.

The following experts evaluated the primary challenges, growth opportunities, and examined the role that various stakeholders will play in shaping the industry’s trajectory: Vivien Pua, Growth Expert and Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan; Richard Yew, Senior Director at Edgio Security; Vincent Hwang, Senior Director at Fortinet; and Abhilash Verma, Chief Product Officer at Citrix.

Gain valuable perspectives from these experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of this Webinar.

The following are some of the key perspectives derived from the webinar:

  • Embracing Unified Security Frameworks: Recognizing the need for a unified approach to security, integrating access, application delivery, and application security layers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for better automation and visibility to identify threats effectively. What strategies is your organization adopting to integrate AI-driven unified security frameworks for enhanced threat identification?
  • Adopting a Platform-Centric Strategic Approach: Prioritizing solutions that offer a platform-centric approach, ensuring uniform security policies across all layers of the infrastructure, from external access to application layers. What innovative solutions are you implementing to ensure uniform security parameters across various critical organizational infrastructure?
  • Flexible Consumption Models: Leveraging solutions that provide a flexible consumption model, allowing organizations to scale their security resources up or down as needed. This flexibility ensures operational efficiency and scalability without the hassle of waiting for licenses or additional approvals. Is your team leveraging disruptive technologies to enhance operational efficiency and scalability?
  • Consistent Security Across Cloud Environments: Adopting security solutions that offer consistent protection across different cloud providers and platforms. This ensures that security policies remain uniform and effective regardless of where the applications are deployed. Which best practices is your organization implementing to maximize security across diverse cloud environments?


Vivien Pua“In a digital landscape fraught with evolving threats and expanding attack surfaces, safeguarding web applications is non-negotiable. With the surge in cloud adoption and the complexity of modern application architectures, organizations must fortify their defenses to secure valuable assets and adapt to the dynamic nature of cyber threats.” – Vivien Pua, Growth Expert & Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

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