In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge of interest and investment in women’s health and wellness, marking a profound shift toward prioritizing women’s health and empowerment worldwide. As women take center stage in various aspects of society, including leadership roles and decision-making processes, there is increasing recognition of the need to address their unique health concerns and provide tailored solutions. This evolving landscape presents a multitude of growth opportunities in supporting women’s health, ranging from innovative healthcare products and services to digital platforms and community initiatives that promote a healthy life and holistic well-being. By focusing on these growth opportunities, we can foster a healthier and more inclusive future, empowering women to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Is your team prepared for the coming transformation in women’s health?

What are some of the strategic imperatives shaping the women’s health landscape?

  • Virtual Health Solutions
    Democratizing healthcare access and capitalizing on telehealth and wearables, including fertility trackers and hormone level monitors, for comprehensive women’s health monitoring.
  • Ageing in Women
    Catering to the aging female demographic mandates prioritizing specialized women’s health services to adeptly manage menopause and chronic conditions.
  • Disruptive Business Models
    Embracing the strong force of women’s health tech startups, reshaping the landscape and challenging traditional healthcare providers.

Growth Challenges: What is the growth gap that needs to be addressed?

The growth gap in women’s health is a multifaceted challenge rooted in three critical areas: lack of comprehensive clinical research, limited access to healthcare, and insufficient funding for women’s health technology. This formidable gap poses a significant obstacle to delivering effective care to women worldwide.

Burdens of Health: Cost we can’t ignore?

women's health burdens

Recognizing that closing this gap requires a collective effort from society as a whole, Frost & Sullivan’s Analytics team has pinpointed growth opportunities to bridge these divides.

What are some of the key opportunities fueling growth in women’s health?

  • Cardiovascular Diseases in Women: While traditionally labeled as a ‘man’s disease,’ cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) entail significant costs, with women contributing approximately $500 billion globally. The key lies in empowering primary care clinics with cutting-edge scanning and detection tools tailored for women’s regular clinic visits. Early detection is paramount, especially during critical periods like pregnancy and primary care, necessitating advanced screening and diagnostic capabilities in the fight against CVDs.
  • Mental Health: Women, globally, are more prone to depression and anxiety. An estimated 19% of women are affected by a mental health disorder compared to 12% of men. By 2030, depression alone will top the list of women’s health concerns. Neuromodulation therapies show promising avenues for the next 7 to 10 years. Virtual reality (VR) interventions, already effective in anxiety treatment, offer further potential across various conditions including depression, addiction, pain management, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, and strokes.
  • Senior Care: As the complexity and costs of senior care rise, the emergence of advanced smart homes presents a transformative solution. By ensuring seniors’ safety at home, these innovations reduce expenses associated with retirement homes while fostering increased familial visits. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tools offer proactive healthcare monitoring, and the integration of VR and augmented reality (AR) technologies holds promise for enhancing cognitive health, alleviating social isolation, and delivering immersive experiences.

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