2020 was a year like no other in recent memory. But with several vaccines tested and ready to go, there is hope on the 2021 horizon for the general population and the industry, too. Marketers who are ready with renewed strategies and action plans for the second half of 2021 will be the first to reap the rewards of better, faster results as the world —and business—hopefully returns to normal.

Smart marketers are already discussing what tools and tactics will best revitalize their demand generation efforts, and Frost & Sullivan is at the fore with a timely panel discussion –and for a world where nothing is what it used to be — a unique new unwebinar, Demand Gen in a Post Vaccine World taking place on January 27th.

It’s likely that it won’t be a simple matter of re-starting the pipeline where you left off before the pandemic. You’ll need a new game plan to gradually shift from a primarily virtual prospecting focus to one that allows you to transition to more and more face to face exchanges and different kinds of live events as the recovery plays out. How best to adapt your marketing plans to address this unique time? How to allocate those budget dollars most wisely?

For the second half of 2021, you’ll want to prioritize marketing outreach, accounts and projects based on your target’s size, assets and ability to survive and rebound in a changing marketplace. To a large extent, you’ll need to focus your demand generation marketing efforts and sales teams where the data tells you to.

To help you get started, Frost & Sullivan has assembled a panel of experts from across industries who are ready to share new road maps and insights for pivoting and designing sales and marketing strategies in a post-vaccine world. They will discuss how to leverage all available info and adapt to different, real-time scenarios. They’ll tackle questions like:

    • What will inbound and outbound Demand Generation look like post-vaccine?
    • How do you plan/budget for tradeshows and events in 2021?
    • How are you mapping Demand Gen tactics to the buyer journey and measuring ROI?
    • How will your ABM strategies evolve in 2021?
    • When will we “flip the switch” back to in-person demand?

Whatever your industry, you’ll want to hear the ideas and expertise marketing leaders from NICE Systems, Expedient, EditShare, Sharpen, and Lynxspring, Inc. will be sharing. This is an unwebinar you can’t afford to miss.

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Patricia Jacoby

Patricia Jacoby is a Content Specialist, Marketing at Frost & Sullivan

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