How Will You Maximize Your Growth Leveraging Advancements in IoT and Edge Technologies?

The future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge computing is being reshaped by several disruptive technologies, each contributing to a landscape that is more interconnected, intelligent, and responsive than ever before. Today, enhanced sensors, chipsets, connectivity modules, processing power, and management platforms are facilitating better precision, automation, and safety across industries through:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Enabling IoT platforms to analyze data, predict downtime, automate repetitive tasks, and take autonomous actions, without human intervention.
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC): Combining distributed computing, storage, and software-defined networking, thereby improving the performance of mission-critical applications, and enabling Edge AI.
  • Next-Generation Connectivity: Facilitating lower latency and real-time data processing through 5G public and private networks, Wi-Fi 6 networks, and fiber networks.
  • IoT Security Technologies: Safeguarding IoT data, devices, communication networks, applications, and transactions leveraging decentralized blockchain technologies, innovative cybersecurity solutions, and cloud-based security platforms.

Advancements in these technologies combined with industry convergence and new business models are transforming the entire IoT ecosystem – from hardware providers and software developers, to managed service providers and connectivity companies. This is making it increasingly complex for customers to keep pace with dynamic regulatory standards, data management best practices, and cybersecurity frameworks. Now, comprehensive competitive benchmarking of providers in IoT and Edge technologies is paramount for industry incumbents to adapt to evolving industry dynamics and facilitate robust IoT orchestration.

Are Your Teams Ready to Harness Competitive Benchmarking to Accelerate IoT and MEC Innovation?

The expansion of IoT and MEC is unlocking new possibilities for enterprises to enhance operations and make more informed decisions. This is helping businesses bridge operational gaps, accelerate digital transformation, and capitalize on new growth opportunities – from Industrial IoT (IIoT), remote monitoring, and digital twins to cellular IoT, Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS), and smart buildings.

Moreover, as technologists strive to automate IoT solutions, bolster security, and integrate cutting-edge AI and ML functionalities, robust competitive analysis can help them accelerate growth and innovation by:

  • Identifying optimal partnership strategies and application ecosystems that empower organizations to minimize the costs and implementation challenges associated with IoT, while testing innovative solutions in emerging technologies like 5G RedCap and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs).
  • Helping businesses seamlessly integrate information technology (IT) with operations technology (OT) leveraging IoT connectivity platforms, resultantly simplifying IoT management and security.
  • Analyzing the return on investment (ROI) potential of embracing disruptive technologies like big data analytics, 5G, generative AI (GenAI), and embedded SIM (eSIM) devices.
  • Implementing best practices to facilitate the development of innovative MEC applications/services to mobile subscribers, enterprises, and vertical segments, thereby minimizing the risk of network failures and data center outages.
  • Examining innovative growth strategies and competitor profiles to strengthen product, solution, and service differentiation in the expanding IoT and Edge ecosystem.

Which growth processes and analytical tools will help your strategists implement best practices in IoT and Edge technologies?

Frost RadarTM: Your Guide to Long-Term Growth Amid the IoT and Edge Transformation

Given the advantages outlined above, Frost Radar™ emerges as an ideal tool for your organization’s competitive benchmarking endeavors. It analyzes various providers and identifies companies that are best positioned to seize emerging growth opportunities in IoT and Edge technologies. Using ten qualitative and quantitative parameters, this tool assesses providers across two key indices:

  • Growth Index – measuring company performance by exploring parameters like revenue growth, vision and strategy, growth pipeline, sales and customer experience, and industry penetration rates.
  • Innovation Index – measuring the ability to develop products/services/solutions with a clear understanding of ecosystemic transformation by assessing factors like innovation scalability, research and development, product portfolio, megatrend leverage, and customer alignment.

Are You Familiar with Key Industry Players Revolutionizing IoT Managed Connectivity Platforms?

Frost RadarTM: IoT Managed Connectivity Platforms

The multifaceted IoT ecosystem comprises of hardware providers, software/application/platform developers, IT and OT companies, managed service providers, connectivity vendors, telecom operators, and cloud providers, all working in tandem to empower smart devices.

As enterprises grapple to keep pace with this complex ecosystem, IoT platforms present a solid foundation on which innovative solutions can be built, deployed, and managed. But emerging IoT functionalities like eSIM and API support, lifecycle management, real-time alerts, diagnostics, end-to-end security, identity control, and network authentication highlight the need for businesses to first evaluate the size and complexity of their IoT deployments.

From more than 1000 global IoT platform providers, Frost & Sullivan has identified the top 10 that exhibit exceptional growth and innovation in IoT managed connectivity. Download this Frost RadarTM for comprehensive intelligence on these companies, spanning competitive strategies, best practices, growth/innovation metrices, and technology differentiators.

This Frost RadarTM focuses on IoT connectivity and device management platforms. It excludes companies whose platforms focus mainly on data management, application management, infrastructure, infrastructure-as-a-service backends, and security. These functions may, however, are included in managed connectivity platforms as well.


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