Today’s customers are more concerned than ever about how companies use their data and track their activities online. While security has traditionally been viewed as the responsibility of the IT organization, progressive companies have built a separate Security Practice to stave off the onslaught of internal and external threats. Battling agent turnover and improving the overall customer experience, continue to be top priorities in contact centers across the globe. However, no one can deny the mission-critical nature of stringent security and privacy policies, as a key benchmark for best-in-class contact center performance.

This analyst viewpoint is written for the community of professionals interested in understanding the unique challenges faced in contact centers, globally. This may include, but is not limited to:

• Customer service directors, strategists and operations managers
• IT managers and directors
• Contact center solution providers: hardware, software & services
• Enterprises looking to outsource customer care
• Consultants
• Government entities

The white paper excerpt will provide insights into the background, trends and context for creating the next generation contact center Security Consciousness and Culture; one where there is a rich set of policies, processes and tools to protect clients and their customers.  It is not intended to provide technical recommendations, but rather include enterprise security considerations for complete customer experience management. This paper discusses the importance of having a holistic view of contact center security.

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