Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and quantum computing are revolutionizing how businesses operate, offering new avenues for cloud providers to assist enterprises in meeting business growth objectives. Now, as companies develop their cloud strategies, there’s a growing demand for advanced hybrid cloud environments that enable optimal data collection and processing across diverse infrastructure. However, digital readiness varies by region, based on differences in infrastructure availability, regulatory mandates, and economic conditions. This implies that cloud providers now face the imperative of anticipating investment plans, technology budgets, and purchasing preferences of enterprise customers to effectively support localized needs.

Frost & Sullivan’s recent Cloud webinar delved into the fascinating realm of Growth Opportunities Sparked by Evolving Customer Perceptions About Cloud Infrastructure. This engaging discussion explored growth strategies in cloud technologies and regional customer preferences, to help various participants in the cloud ecosystem market their services more effectively and fulfill localized customer needs.

Here, the following growth experts collaborated to share their views on new opportunities and megatrends in the Cloud industry: Lynda Stadtmueller, Senior Vice President and Global Practice Area Leader, ICT at Frost & Sullivan, Karyn Price, Industry Principal, ICT at Frost & Sullivan, Anisha Vinny, Industry Principal, Cloud at Frost & Sullivan, and Mariano Gimenez, Research Analyst, Cloud at Frost & Sullivan.

Gain valuable perspectives from these experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of this Webinar.

  • Socio-Economic Factors Necessitating Regionalized Cloud Strategies: Organizations are grappling with macroeconomic uncertainty, post-COVID slowdown, and high interest/inflation rates. This is pushing businesses towards cost optimization and innovative cloud technologies, while focusing on evolving regulatory frameworks, data sovereignty, digital transformation, and disruptive technologies — Are your teams equipped to identify and implement new cloud technologies that maximize alignment with changing customer expectations and priorities?
  • Growth Drivers Across Different Regions: North America benefits from robust high-speed network infrastructure that fosters innovation in cloud product/service offerings. Europe faces stringent regulatory environments, especially regarding data privacy, AI, and cybersecurity. Latin America attracts global investments in digital infrastructure, driving competition through new technologies. Countries across the Asia Pacific are ramping up technology initiatives and establishing robust infrastructure backbones to boost digital economies — How can cloud providers tailor their growth strategies to enhance their competitive edge across various geographic regions?
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategies at the Heart of Digital Transformation: Global businesses are increasingly adopting cloud computing for digital transformation, emphasizing hybrid IT environments and cloud-first strategies. This is intensifying the pressure on cloud providers and hyperscalers to develop comprehensive security frameworks, especially for sensitive, more critical workloads — Which strategic partnerships will help your teams ease the seamless orchestration of workloads across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud models?
  • Fostering Innovation at the Edge: As businesses seek to maximize operational efficiencies and create targeted customer experiences by leveraging AI and automation, edge computing is on the rise. Now, enterprise customers are being pushed to extend the same governance/security/compliance policies to the edge, as they employ in corporate data centers or cloud instances – Which best practices and growth processes will empower providers to better design network architecture between different location edges in hybrid/multi-cloud ecosystems?
  • Keeping Pace with Industry Convergence: The cloud management ecosystem is converging, with vendors across all segments – infrastructure, storage, and application management – seeking to cross boundaries, add functionality in new areas, and manage new technologies – How will your organization’s network, endpoints, platforms, and applications need to pivot to thrive amid increasing competitive intensity?

Lynda-Stadtmueller“75% of businesses worldwide say the cloud is the most critical part of their digital transformation. Yet each region and country is approaching cloud adoption differently – motivated by varying drivers and hindered by varying challenges. To win in the cloud marketplace, providers will have to understand and respond not only to global commonalities, but regional distinctions, among their buyers.” — Lynda Stadtmueller, Growth Expert, Senior Vice President, and Global Practice Area Leader, ICT at Frost & Sullivan.

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