Industry Overview: Industry Definition – Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Consulting Services

These primarily include offering services to obtain statutory clearances for new projects, conduct environmental impact assessment, and implement environment management plans.

  • EIA for development projects such as townships, commercial complexes, infrastructure projects (dams, roads, mining, and so on), and industrial projects.
  • Phase I and II Environment Due Diligence Audits for re-development of brownfield contaminated sites, modelling contaminant transport, and evaluating various remediation technology options.
  • Environment Management Plans include developing, implementation, and monitoring of plans such as hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies, occupational health and safety management systems (OSHAS 18001) audits, and ISO 14001 clause-by clause analysis.

Environmental Monitoring and Testing Services

Services include monitoring and analysis of water, air, noise, waste (including hazardous wastes), soil and so on, to monitor compliance with environment laws

  • Emissions measurement, continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) systems, stack testing, greenhouse gases (GHG) measurement, fugitive dust/emissions monitoring
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Noise monitoring
  • Testing of soil for contaminants
  • Indoor air quality monitoring

Other Environmental Services

Set of services maybe peripheral and advisory in nature or in some cases can be described as value-added services

  • Comprehensive environment health and safety (EHS) training programmes for employees
  • Developing emissions inventory and supporting emissions/carbon trading
  • Programmes to measure and reduce carbon/energy footprint and water footprint
  • EHS due diligence for acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers
  • Corporate sustainability strategy(ies)

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