Frost & Sullivan’s Energy webinar series delved into the topic, ‘Key Regional Power Industry Dynamics Driving Global Investment.’ Led by industry experts, the session highlighted on the latest investment megatrends impacting key regional power industries, including generation, grids, energy storage, and deep energy decarbonization.

The panel included Jonathan Robinson, Growth Expert and VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan; Lucrecia Gomez, Growth Expert and Research Director at Frost & Sullivan; Milagros Andurell, Growth Expert and Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan; and Neha Tatikota, Growth Expert and Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. Each speaker brought their unique perspectives on what to expect in energy for 2024.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the webinar.

  • Energy Industry Reforms: Latin American nations are looking at expediting regulatory processes for battery energy storage, while addressing regulatory gaps to foster growth. In Europe, initiatives like Fit for 55 and REPowerEU are prioritizing security of supply and renewable energy targets.

What industry and regulatory best practices is your company adopting to drive energy transition?

  • Continued Reliance on Coal: Despite aspirations for renewable energy, Southeast Asia’s heavy dependence on coal persists due to entrenched interests and economic needs, making a rapid transition challenging.

How is your organization leveraging strategic initiatives to tackle challenges and achieve sustainability goals?

  • Rising Demand for Gas: With declining domestic gas production, Southeast Asian nations are shifting from being exporters to importers, creating trade opportunities and increasing reliance on liquefied natural gas(LNG) to meet growing energy demands.

Is your company leveraging strategic partnerships with key geographies to gain a competitive edge in the industry?

  • Renewable Energy Growth and Implementation: While there’s significant growth potential for renewables in Asia Pacific, especially in solar and wind, actual implementation is facing hurdles such as slow construction rates and regulatory complexities.

How is your organization leveraging growth opportunities in the renewable energy space?

  • Investments in Transmission Grid: Prioritizing simultaneous transmission grid development alongside capacity expansion is essential to avoid undermining investments in renewable energy initiatives.

Is your board devising the right investment strategies to capitalize on the shifting dynamics in the energy landscape?

“Investments in transmission grids must align with the rapid development of solar and offshore wind projects, a crucial imperative as we advance into 2024. Regulatory hurdles loom large, necessitating federal intervention for streamlined regulations to drive progress effectively. Without this alignment, even substantial investments risk failing to catalyze the necessary infrastructure development in the year ahead.”

– Lucrecia Gomez
Growth Expert, Frost & Sullivan

Amidst the dynamic realm of power and energy, geographic initiatives are laying the groundwork for embracing innovative solutions. Join us in sharing your thoughts and experience on how global megatrends such as grids, energy storage, and deep energy decarbonization are impacting investments. Let’s explore how these developments are driving progress, fortifying resilience, and ushering in a new era of industry best practices, poised to reshape the energy landscape for a sustainable future in 2024 and beyond.

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