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The recent health crisis is a human tragedy that has created unprecedented implications for business. Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Pipeline Company, provides the insight and guidance to ensure stability and long-term strength in your business by helping to sustain and grow your organization during pandemics, recessions and beyond.

Monday, July 20– Thursday, July 23 at 11:00 am EDT Daily

Webinar Week: Sales

Sales Teams Adapt & Reinvent

Daily, at 11:00am EDT, Monday, July 20 through Thursday, July 23, we will present a 45-minute webinar to help sales teams adapt & reinvent.

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Market Impact of COVID-19: How to Respond, Reset, and Rebound



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What Now? Fill Your Lost Tradeshow Pipeline


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New Product Innovation & Development
We are providing our clients with comprehensive scenario-based analyses on the global economy and key markets to help you survive the current crisis, re-evaluate your business strategies, and get back on a trajectory of growth.

In less than 15 minutes, you will be provided insight to more accurately assess your company.

This Covid-19 Growth Pipeline Diagnostic™ will provide you with a benchmark on how well your company is prepared to grow in the future.

With recent global health concerns, alternate ways of forming real connections is top of mind. Act Fast, Think Digital, Go Virtual, and Look Local.
We are excited to announce, complimentary to you, a week’s worth of virtual content presented live by a select group of speakers from our New Product Innovation & Development: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange.

Coronavirus Outbreak:
Aerospace Industry Fights Back
with Business Mitigation Strategies

Coronavirus has caused immense disruption in the aviation industry and airlines across multiple continents.


Coronavirus Outbreak:
Automotive Industry Fights Back
with Business Mitigation Strategies

Production volumes of global OEMs with manufacturing plants in China are being impacted by COVID19 although the impact is currently minimal.

Growth Opportunities in an Era of Change
Impact of Covid-19 on Demand
for PPE in the Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 is impacting the availability of PPE for the healthcare industry value chain in various ways. Some of these changes are short-term and while some are transformative.

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