The webinar will share details about potential threats & new growth opportunities in the evolution of workplace technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 2, 2019 – Key industries and organizations are currently being influenced by a transitioning workforce. Many are questioning their future and the role of humans in this increasingly robotic workforce, especially with the looming threat of obsolescence many professions are experiencing due to the expanding presence of automation.

Frost & Sullivan welcomes you to join Jillian Walker and Vinay Venkatesan, our Visionary Innovation Group experts, alongside Aruna Ravichandran, VP and CMO of Webex, Collaboration Marketing at Cisco, and Charles Towers-Clark, contributor at Forbes and CEO at Pod Group, for the upcoming webinar “Future of Work: Human Replacement or Collaboration?” on October 15 at 11 AM EDT.

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“The ultimate question on the future of robotics is whether humanity and its workforce will be replaced by machines, and, if so, which areas are under maximum threat. With the rise in AI and automation, the range of professional service applications for robots is vast and spans across all industries,” said Walker. “Organizations of the future will need to plan well in advance to match the pace and extent of automation in order to stay competitive and relevant. This requires significant insight into changing trends leading to the future workspace, workplace technology and labor workforce of tomorrow.”

Key benefits of attending this webinar: 

  • Identify the role of humans in an increasingly automated workplace.
  • Learn how to effectively approach the technological disruption headed for the industry.
  • Discover what the future workplace, workforce and their associated technologies look like.

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