The webinar will share insight into how 5G as the most powerful platform yet will empower IoT, advanced computing and immersive reality, bringing us closer to a ‘zero-latency world’

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 23, 2019 – Overcoming latency issues is fundamental and will be the final challenge in unlocking the full potential of a connected world. Ongoing deployment of 5G and prospective introduction of 6G in 2030 will reduce latency levels to microseconds. It is vitally important for companies and governments to build their own infrastructure strategies to accommodate this rapid pace toward zero-latency in order to accelerate innovation and thrive in a ‘connected’ future.

Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Archana Vidyasekar and Vinay Venkatesan, our Visionary Innovation Group experts, alongside Tingfang Ji, Senior Director of Engineering in Wireless R&D at Qualcomm, Nevin Jones, 5G Technical Product Marketing Lead at Verizon, and Alistair Elliott, IoT Expert, CEO Solutions at Pod Group, for the upcoming webinar, “Growth Opportunities to Fuel Global Innovation in a Zero-latency World” on November 14 at 11 AM EST.

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“A world of ‘zero-latency’ will emerge from ongoing advancements in 5G and the potential introduction of 6G in 2030, wherein millions of connected devices will interact in real-time at microsecond latency,” said Vidyasekar. “The integration of 5G with IoT, edge computing, and digital reality will enable a powerful, connected ecosystem where data is shared instantaneously among people, machines, devices and systems.”

Key benefits of attending this webinar: 

  • Envision the timeline and impact of 5G over the next decade with industry leaders.
  • Discuss the implications of 5G on enterprises and human lives over the next decade.
  • Understand the drivers and challenges behind the implementation and commercialization of 5G.
  • Identify the core trends that will drive growth opportunities over the next decade.
  • Develop your own strategy to achieve seamless connectivity across people, devices, machines and systems with 5G.

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