XperiSAN ANTONIO, TX. – December 19, 2022 – Frost & Sullivan recently conducted research on the connected car in-cabin media industry and, after an extensive evaluation, recognized Xperi Inc. (NYSE: XPER) with the 2022 North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. Xperi offers a wide range of entertainment technology products and solutions through its best-in-class brands and partnerships, such as TiVo®, DTS®, HD Radio™ and IMAX® Enhanced.

Xperi’s extensive product portfolio, including radio, audio, video, imaging, content, and metadata solutions, contributes to its strategic depth, enabling simple integration, flexible deployments, and scalability. Xperi’s connected car group delivers a fully immersive connected media platform and in-car safety through its entertainment and in-cabin sensing solutions DTS AutoStage™ and DTS AutoSense™, positioning it as a leader for in-cabin experience innovation. Xperi’s personalized, infotainment-rich in-cabin experience solutions are revolutionizing entertainment, safety, and comfort in the connected car.

Director of Consulting, Mobility at Frost & Sullivan, Niranjan Manohar, noted, “Xperi offers one of the most complete and immersive entertainment experiences in the automotive space because of its foundation built on decades of in-vehicle infotainment expertise. Xperi’s continuously evolving solutions and development are paving the infotainment roadmap.”

Xperi is actively shaping the direction of the connected car industry through its technical expertise and quality focus which is designed to meet specific automotive requirements including ISO9001 certification. The company has a reputable history of infotainment through its HD Radio platform, which is the North American digital radio broadcast standard.

“It’s a great privilege to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan two years in a row,” said Jeff Jury, Xperi Senior Vice President and General Manager, Connected Car. “We’re motivated by developing products and services that create best-in-class in-cabin experiences for our customers. We’re dedicated to evolving and advancing our technology offerings to meet the needs of automakers and end consumers, and know our future is bright.”

“Xperi leverages over 20 years of experience working closely with the automotive industry to meet customer needs while also tapping into key growth opportunities. The company develops and implements its infotainment strategy with customers in mind, securing its position as a trusted partner and market leader,” added John Sisemore, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research Analyst. “With its strong overall performance, Xperi once again earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the connected car in-cabin media industry.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has leveraged competitive intelligence to successfully execute a strategy that results in stronger market share, competitive brand positioning, and customer satisfaction.

About Xperi Inc.

Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technologies that enable extraordinary experiences. Xperi technologies, delivered via its brands and partnerships (DTS®, HD Radio™, IMAX® Enhanced, TiVo®), and by its startup, Perceive, are integrated into billions of consumer devices and media platforms worldwide, powering smart devices, connected cars and entertainment experiences. Xperi has created a unified ecosystem that reaches highly engaged consumers driving increased value for partners, customers and consumers.

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