Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe Award LogoSAN ANTONIO – June 20, 2023 – Frost & Sullivan recently researched the commercial heat pumps market and, based on its findings, recognizes Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe Ltd. (MHIAE) with the 2023 European Company of the Year Award. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group is one of the world’s leading industrial groups, spanning energy, smart infrastructure, industrial machinery, aerospace, and defense.

The company is gaining popularity in the European market because of its optimized air-to-water heat pumps (HPs), which are up to five-times more energy-efficient than existing natural gas boilers. Therefore, its European branch, MHIAE, is steadily growing to satisfy Europe’s increasing demand for low-carbon energy with its first-class HPs.

Customers are drawn to HPs as green, low-carbon substitutes for natural gas-based heating in Europe’s shift toward sustainable heating. As a result, MHIAE offers a cost-effective and more efficient alternative to contribute to environmental sustainability by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

“MHIAE’s spectrum of high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water for residential, commercial, and industrial applications—including air-to-water HPs and chillers for space heating, cooling, and hot water production—remains a vital part of the company’s offering. More specifically, it provides an impressive range of air-to-water HPs to meet Europe’s growing demand for low-carbon, energy-efficient, and cost-effective water heating solutions from the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors,” said Neha Tatikota, industry analyst, energy & environment at Frost & Sullivan.

Among MHIAE’s HP product offerings, the Q-ton air-to-water high-pressure system stands out as the company’s most popular product. Q-ton is an HP designed especially for commercial use, with an extremely low global warming potential that complies with the newest environmentally responsible trends. Furthermore, it features an advanced, easy-to-use touchscreen panel, a user-friendly schedule setting, and a one-touch fill-up operation that has state-of-the-art technologies to ensure optimum performance.

This system reflects MHIAE’s innovation capacity and commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions adapted to unique customer needs. Now, based on customer feedback, the company seeks to leverage the group’s considerable industry know-how, in-depth market experience, and well-rounded product portfolio to further deliver sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that positively impact customers worldwide.

“Over the years, MHIAE has registered sustained growth owing to its differentiated product portfolio, continual innovation-based approach, and customer-centric operations. For instance, the company secured a record number of Q-ton sales in the European market in 2022, with sales growing by an impressive 40% between 2021 and 2022,” noted Sama Suwal, best practices research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents a Company of the Year Award to the organization that demonstrates excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation in its field. The award recognizes a high degree of innovation with products and technologies, and the resulting leadership in customer value and market penetration.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in various regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe Ltd.

 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe, Ltd. (MHIAE) offers high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout Europe. Its parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, has a history in the design and manufacture of refrigeration systems, dating back to 1920, and continues to drive its product development in Europe through MHIAE.

MHIAE is committed to building on the advanced technology and vast experience of its parent company to deliver innovative, integrated solutions that will help realize a carbon neutral world, improve the quality of life, and ensure a safer world. Learn more at

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