Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Technology Cluster of TechVision provides end-to-end consulting services to help healthcare firms uncover emerging technologies.

The Health & Wellness (H&W) cluster‘s technology experts, are focused on understanding the myriad of disruptive innovations & trends impacting the global healthcare community. In this era of personalized medicine translating are translating years of research into novel disruptive technologies which are driving the global healthcare sector towards becoming increasingly patient centric.

Key Focus Areas


Research advances across biomarker platforms have fueled growing advances in companion diagnostics to enable optimization of therapy selection.


Targeted small molecule, protein and nucleic acid therapies with enhanced efficacy profiles and a decreased propensity of off-target effects are likely to drive the future of the global pharma industry.


Exponential rise in microbial research and growing industry interests are likely to empower microbiome based innovations across pharma, personal care and food sectors.


Considering that over half the world’s population lives in areas where the Aedes aegypti mosquito is present, there is mounting research for curbing the spread of infectious diseases such as Zika

Snapshot of Global Top 50 Technologies

Snapshot of Technology Capabilities

Our commitment to primary interviews ensures that you are not only updated about what has been productized today, but also the basic technology or academic research that will be the next-big-thing tomorrow.

Skin Wellness

Disruptive skincare innovations that leverage:

  1. Anti-aging
  2. Microbiome Science
  3. Genomics
  4. Skin Diagnostics
  5. E-skin Platforms


F&S tracks innovations across

  1. Immuno-oncology
  2. Biobetters
  3. Nucleic Acid Therapies
  4. Cell Therapies
  5. Monoclonal Antibodies

Life Sciences

The TechVision team has extensive technology expertise across the following areas:

  1. 3D cell culture systems
  2. Lab on a chip/organ on a chip


F&S tracks developments reshaping the CRO and CDMO landscapes, including tracking new trends across the following landscapes:

  1. Biomanufacturing
  2. Patient engagement
  3. Bioprocessing
  4. Bioreliance
  5. Biomonitoring


Diagnostics that are based on one or more of the following technologies:

  1. Genomics
  2. Proteomics
  3. Metabolomics
  4. Microbiomics
  5. Digital Biomarkers


Frost & Sullivan closely tracks pharma developments, which includes innovations in drug delivery platform. We have delivered bespoke consulting assignments related to drug repurposing and partnering for large pharma concerns.

A Global Biopharmaceutical Giant

Biopharmaceutical R&D Benchmarking Guide

The Challenge

Conduct a detailed assessment of the R&D and relevant business activities of top biopharmaceutical companies to garner an understanding of research and business-related strengths and weaknesses.

Provide recommendations to the client that will guide them during their annual strategic business planning across in target technology platforms, applications, and investments


  • Important parameters of the study included analysis of platforms, pipeline, financials, people/expertise and strategy
  • The project also involved benchmarking the R&D capabilities and strategies of the competing firms and develop a quantitative assessment of relative technological positioning of client versus their competitors.

Our Approach

Led by Frost & Sullivan’s VP of TechVision, based in New York, the team:

  • Established networks with SVP, VPs and Directors across top biopharmaceutical companies to understand under the radar developments.
  • Collated and assimilated primary data points across pertinent categories i.e. Strategy, Technology, and Emerging opportunities.
  • Developed a weight metric system to analyze qualitative information and arrive at a suitable comparative assessment.


The main deliverable was a Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence Report, highlighted by an on-site client presentation with the following structure:

  • The client’s peers benchmarked and evaluated across multiple parameters
  • The overall pipeline database with in-depth information on all pipeline products
  • Interactive pipeline visualization platform on iFrost
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Recommended Approach
  • We also delivered an interactive iFrost platform during the client presentation, which enables continued access to growing database information.

A large FMCG Company

Microbiome to Consumer Benefits

The Challenge

Identify (and validate) an opportunity to leapfrog client’s involvement in Microbiome enabled innovation via M&A or 1-100 approach adding to health & wellness business within a short period span of six months.


  • Evaluation of the global microbiome landscape for OTC and other general products linked to Health/VMS/Hygiene
  • Linking ‘capabilities’ to a subsequent pool of ‘global players’ with commercialized products
  • Suggesting tangible ‘next steps’ under an existing or acquired brand

Our Approach

  • Frost & Sullivan conducted a comprehensive landscape assessment of the microbiome platform to identify technologies OTC and other general players as per project needs
  • We listed key and benchmarked technology segments and players within each segment
  • Mapped opportunities within the microbiome landscape to client’s key focus areas


Frost & Sullivan delivered an extensive microbiome landscape overview with strategic insights pertaining to partnerships and recommendations within this space.

  • A final slide deck (summary of findings in MS PowerPoint)
  • Presentation of the interim report and draft of final project report
  • Datasheets with the raw data used for the analysis in MS Excel
  • Frost & Sullivan’s recommended approach

A Top Ranking University in the USA

White Space Analysis, IP Perspectives

The Challenge

The client was interested in analyzing the white space pertaining to a given drug delivery process.


Evaluate the white space that exists for a particular form of drug delivery technology, such that the Client can venture and develop further with respect to technologies in the space which had little or no IP activity.

Our Approach

  • F&S assembled a team of subject matter experts (technical experts and patent analysts) to do the stated work.
  • Several parameters were ascertained with respect to which the white space was to be analyzed.
  • The entire portfolio (patent as well as non-patent literature) for the given technology was studied to understand the existing patenting activity in the given technology space.
  • The study of the existing IP activity threw light on the gaps that persist, where the Client can further act on for R&D.

Our Outcome

  • Analysis of the portfolio with respect to the pre-decided parameters.
  • The application areas of the given technology
  • The different manufacturing methods of the drug delivery system.
  • The different components that are used to develop the particular technology.
  • The various bioactive materials that can be delivered via this method.

Latest Research

  • 2020 Energy R&D Trends and Future Focus Areas of Global Research Institutes
  • Advancements in Waste Incineration Technology
  • Breakthrough Innovations Enhancing Plastics Degradation
  • Technological Advancements Enabling Polymer Recycling
  • Technological Advancements in Solid State Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  • Radical Innovations in Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination
  • Technological Advancements in Domestic Water Purification
  • Advancements in Communication Protocols Transforming Building Automation Systems
  • Frost Radar: Emissions  Upcycling Technology, 2020
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  • Breakthrough Innovations in Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Novel Innovations Facilitating Digital Transformation of Agricultural Sector
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  • Impact Assessment of Polymers in the Electronics Industry
  • Benchmarking and Impact Analysis of Carbon Abatement Technologies
  • Radical Innovations Transforming Upstream Oil & Gas Industry
  • Managing End-of-Life Li-ion Batteries: Battery Recycling Technologies
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Technologies Addressing Global Energy Trilema
  • Sustainability Trends Impacting Building and Construction Industry
  • Image Sensors: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Disruptive Innovations in Biosurfactants
  • Breakthrough Innovations Enabling Waste-to-Product
  • Emerging Alternatives for Single-use plastics in Packaging
  • Technology Breakthroughs in Antimicrobial Textiles
  • Emerging Technologies Advancing Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
  • Breakthrough Technologies Advancing The Future Of Alternative Fuels Production
  • Disruptive Innovations in Enzymes
  • Sustainability Trends Impacting Mining Industry
  • Disruptive Battery Storage Technologies
  • Innovations in Sensors for CUI and Structural Monitoring Applications
  • Emerging Opportunities for Nanoemulsions
  • Cognitive Security: The New Global Imperative
  • Breakthrough Innovations Enabling Water Purification
  • Blockchain for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Technologies Enabling Circular Economy
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants
  • Disruptive Innovations in Scalp Care
  • Sustainability Trends Impacting Oil & Gas Industry
  • Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence
  • Intelligent Automation Technologies Transforming Industrial Manufacturing
  • Advancements in Sensors for Robotics
  • Emerging Opportunities for Aerogels
  • Technology Developments in Plastic Degradation
  • Drones: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Grid Scale Energy Storage: Innovations and Emerging Opportunities
  • Disruptive Innovations in Smart Waste Management
  • Technological Advancements and Emerging Applications of Fuel Cells
  • Opportunity Assessment of Graphene Oxide
  • Technology Advancements in Metals Enhancing Energy Generation
  • Emerging Technologies Transforming Offshore Wind Energy
  • 2019 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Innovations in Noise Reduction
  • Disruptive Innovations Powering Smart Buildings
  • 5G: The Emerging Digital Frontier
  • Global Benchmarking of Sustainability Trends in the Industrial Sector
  • Technical Fabrics in Filtration- Opportunity Assessment
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Agriculture 2.0
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Radioactive Waste Management
  • Technologies with High Funding: Impact Assessment and Growth Opportunities
  • Alternate to Plastics: Emerging Technology Assessment
  • Distributed Energy: Impact of Blockchain on Energy Trading
  • Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness
  • Sustainability Trends Benchmarking of Global Automotive Companies
  • Emerging Opportunities for Sulfur
  • Nanotechnology Innovations Transforming Energy Generation and Storage
  • Next-gen Solar Cells: Innovations and Impact Analysis
  • Technologies Enabling Smart Water Grid
  • Emerging Opportunities for Materials Derived from Crude Oil in a Decarbonized and Circular World
  • Emerging Technologies in E-Waste and Battery Recycling
  • Technologies Enabling Low Carbon Economy
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Energy Storage
  • Battery and Power Train Technologies for Electric Vehicles
  • Advancements in Marine Propulsion Technologies
  • Functional Coatings for Flexible Packaging: Technology Impact Assessment
  • Innovations in Solid State Battery
  • FEW (Food, Energy and Water) Nexus
  • Technology Impact Assessment of Micro Energy Harvesting
  • 2018 Top Technologies in Environment and Sustainability
  • Efficient Hazardous Waste Recycling Technologies for Developing Nations
  • Innovations in Structural Electronics
  • Industrial Waste Water Recovery and Reuse Technologies
  • Emission Control Technologies In Automotive & Transportation
  • Technology Breakthroughs Enabling Low-VOC Coatings
  • Unraveling The Chinese Innovation Puzzle
  • Innovations in Smart Glazing
  • Manufacturing Technologies Empowering Automotive Lightweighting
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities
  • Technologies Enabling Zero Energy Buildings
  • Innovations in Wastewater Nutrient Recovery
  • Advances in Anti Fouling Coatings
  • Innovations in Urban Farming
  • Innovations in Smart Sensors
  • Air Pollution Control And Mitigation Technologies
  • Future of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
  • Climate Change Technologies for the Oil & Gas Sector
  • Decentralized Wastewater and Solid Waste Treatment Technologies
  • Water Conservation Technologies In Agriculture
  • Top Technologies in Environment and Sustainability, 2017
  • Emerging Technologies Stimulating the Future of Agriculture
  • IoT: R&D Cluster Benchmarking
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of the Aerospace and Defense Sector
  • Technologies Impacting theFuture of the Energy Sector
  • Disruptive Technologies Powering New Age Consumer Electronics
  • Application Assessment of Carbon Fibers
  • Capacitive Deionization – Industry Landscape and Emerging Innovations
  • Point Source Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Management
  • Innovations in Smart Lighting
  • Climate Change Adaptation in the Residential and Commercial Sectors
  • Atomic Electronics Transforming Consumer Electronics Sector
  • Disaster Response Technologies
  • Capacitive Sensing: Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Key Technologies Impacting the Future of Healthcare Industry
  • Top 10 Technologies Impacting the Future of Automotive Market
  • Emerging Applications of Nanocellulose Technology
  • Top Technologies in Environment and Sustainability, 2016
  • Advanced Insulation Materials Technologies for Building and Construction
  • Food Waste Management Technologies Market – Emerging Trends and Opportunities
  • Indoor Air Purification Technologies, Forecast to 2020
  • Gas Separation – Emerging Membrane Technologies Outlook
  • Technologies Enabling Biomass to Bioenergy
  • Innovations in High Power Electronics Impacting Key Sectors
  • Innovations in Wastewater Treatment and Its Impact on Key Sectors
  • Innovations in Anti Corrosion Technologies for Offshore Structures
  • Energy Efficiency in Transport, Buildings and Industry
  • Technology Breakthroughs Shaping the Future of Power-to-Gas
  • Emerging Thermal Barrier Coating Technologies in Turbines
  • Innovations in Water Production and Its Impact on Key Sectors
  • Bio-based Solvents – 6 Dimensional Analysis
  • Insights for CFOs betting on Intellectual Property
  • Global Review of Intellectual Property (IP) Funds
  • Emerging Trends in Thermal Energy Storage (TES)
  • Technologies Addressing Climate Change: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Innovation-Led Clusters: A Benchmarking Report
  • Next Generation Catalysts- Impact Assessment in Oil & Gas Sectors
  • 2015 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • High-Altitude Wind Energy – Visionary Outlook
  • Impact of Quantum Dots in Consumer Electronics
  • Low Temperature Coatings for Industrial Applications
  • Technology Advances Empowering Microgrids
  • Emerging Waterless Innovations Disrupting Key Sectors
  • Innovations in Portable Renewable Energy and Its Impact on Key Sectors-Technical Insights
  • Beyond ITO – Materials for Next Generation Consumer Electronics
  • Energy Harvesting Innovations Disrupting Key Applications
  • Impact of Data Storage Technologies in Key Sectors
  • Technology Breakthroughs Shaping the Future of Atmospheric Water Generation
  • Technology Innovations Empowering Airport Security
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Microelectronics
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control
  • Impact Assessment of Graphene in Key Sectors
  • Impact Assessment of Materials in Wind Energy Generation
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Latin America
  • Technologies Enabling Extraction of Shale Gas
  • Impact of Photonic Materials in Key Applications
  • Impact of Smart Fabrics in Key Applications
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Smart Factories
  • Technology Solutions to Innovation Management Challenges
  • Technologies Empowering the Smarter Workplace
  • Technology Convergence Resolving Water-Energy Challenges
  • Impact Assessment of 3D Printing Materials in Key Applications
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Southeast Asia
  • Innovations in Unmanned Vehicles – Land, Air, Sea
  • Smart Glazing Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Carbon Fibers Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Touchless Sensors Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Innovations in Wave Power
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Advances in Produced Water Treatment Technologies
  • Impact Assessment of Smart Packaging in Healthcare, Electronics and Energy
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – India
  • Printed Sensors Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Enabling Technologies for Net Zero-Energy BuildingsFunding Analysis
  • Advances in Production Technologies for Green Vehicles – Technical Insights
  • Top Technologies in Information and Communication Technologies
  • Advanced Materials Enabling 3D Printing
  • Top Technologies in Sensors and Control
  • Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • Top Technologies in Sustainable Energy
  • Top Technologies in Clean and Green Environment – 2014
  • Top Technologies in Materials and Coatings
  • Technology Competitiveness of Knowledge-Based Economies
  • Portable Water Purification
  • National Innovation Ecosystems (Healthcare, CMF, Energy)
  • Moving toward Sustainability–Carbon Reduction Technologies in Industry
  • Innovations in Energy Savings Coatings
  • Innovative Opportunities in Upcycling Waste to Resources
  • Sensors for Energy Efficient Buildings and Building Management
  • Technologies for Sustainability
  • Innovations in Chemicals for Building and Construction
  • Emerging Trends in Biochemicals
  • Human Life on a Smarter Planet
  • Top Technologies in Clean and Green Environment
  • Advances in Power Electronics Enabling Future Smart Grid
  • Advanced Filtration Technologies for Water Treatment
  • Algae: Technology Market Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring
  • Advances in Structural Health Monitoring Systems
  • Top Technologies in Clean and Green Environment
  • Clean and Greentech in China: Funding Analysis
  • Renewable Energy for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Technology Advances fueling application extension of CRISPR Beyond Gene Editing
  • Targeted Immunotherapy in Oncology
  • Technology Enablers Facilitating Adoption of Microbiome 
  • Analysis of Phase 3 clinical trials for Lifestyle disorders 
  • Research Efforts Fueling Future of Respiratory Disease Management (research, pre-clinical, clinical and drug discovery)
  • Future of Omics technologies: sequencing, transcriptomics, proteomics & metabolomics
  • Technology Advances in Biomanufacturing
  • Technology Advances in Neurological Therapies
  • Future of Tissue Engineering: Testing, Modeling, Repair and Regeneration
  • Technology Developments in synthetic biology
  • Advances in AI-based Molecular Diagnostics

The TechVision group offers a suite of strategic services ranging from a continuous flow of forward-looking intelligence on emerging technologies and new age innovations, interactivity with technology and industry experts, bespoke strategy consulting on technology investments, roadmaps, IP landscapes, and executive workshops for innovation and R&D leadership teams. These services empower its users with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth of their organizations.

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