Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Technology Cluster of TechVision provides end-to-end consulting services to help healthcare firms uncover emerging technologies.

The Health & Wellness (H&W) cluster‘s technology experts, are focused on understanding the myriad of disruptive innovations & trends impacting the global healthcare community. In this era of personalized medicine translating are translating years of research into novel disruptive technologies which are driving the global healthcare sector towards becoming increasingly patient centric.

Key Focus Areas


Research advances across biomarker platforms have fueled growing advances in companion diagnostics to enable optimization of therapy selection.


Targeted small molecule, protein and nucleic acid therapies with enhanced efficacy profiles and a decreased propensity of off-target effects are likely to drive the future of the global pharma industry.


Exponential rise in microbial research and growing industry interests are likely to empower microbiome based innovations across pharma, personal care and food sectors.


Considering that over half the world’s population lives in areas where the Aedes aegypti mosquito is present, there is mounting research for curbing the spread of infectious diseases such as Zika

Snapshot of Global Top 50 Technologies

Snapshot of Technology Capabilities

Our commitment to primary interviews ensures that you are not only updated about what has been productized today, but also the basic technology or academic research that will be the next-big-thing tomorrow.

Skin Wellness

Disruptive skincare innovations that leverage:

  1. Anti-aging
  2. Microbiome Science
  3. Genomics
  4. Skin Diagnostics
  5. E-skin Platforms


F&S tracks innovations across

  1. Immuno-oncology
  2. Biobetters
  3. Nucleic Acid Therapies
  4. Cell Therapies
  5. Monoclonal Antibodies

Life Sciences

The TechVision team has extensive technology expertise across the following areas:

  1. 3D cell culture systems
  2. Lab on a chip/organ on a chip


F&S tracks developments reshaping the CRO and CDMO landscapes, including tracking new trends across the following landscapes:

  1. Biomanufacturing
  2. Patient engagement
  3. Bioprocessing
  4. Bioreliance
  5. Biomonitoring


Diagnostics that are based on one or more of the following technologies:

  1. Genomics
  2. Proteomics
  3. Metabolomics
  4. Microbiomics
  5. Digital Biomarkers


Frost & Sullivan closely tracks pharma developments, which includes innovations in drug delivery platform. We have delivered bespoke consulting assignments related to drug repurposing and partnering for large pharma concerns.

A Global Biopharmaceutical Giant

Biopharmaceutical R&D Benchmarking Guide

The Challenge

Conduct a detailed assessment of the R&D and relevant business activities of top biopharmaceutical companies to garner an understanding of research and business-related strengths and weaknesses.

Provide recommendations to the client that will guide them during their annual strategic business planning across in target technology platforms, applications, and investments


  • Important parameters of the study included analysis of platforms, pipeline, financials, people/expertise and strategy
  • The project also involved benchmarking the R&D capabilities and strategies of the competing firms and develop a quantitative assessment of relative technological positioning of client versus their competitors.

Our Approach

Led by Frost & Sullivan’s VP of TechVision, based in New York, the team:

  • Established networks with SVP, VPs and Directors across top biopharmaceutical companies to understand under the radar developments.
  • Collated and assimilated primary data points across pertinent categories i.e. Strategy, Technology, and Emerging opportunities.
  • Developed a weight metric system to analyze qualitative information and arrive at a suitable comparative assessment.


The main deliverable was a Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence Report, highlighted by an on-site client presentation with the following structure:

  • The client’s peers benchmarked and evaluated across multiple parameters
  • The overall pipeline database with in-depth information on all pipeline products
  • Interactive pipeline visualization platform on iFrost
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Recommended Approach
  • We also delivered an interactive iFrost platform during the client presentation, which enables continued access to growing database information.

A large FMCG Company

Microbiome to Consumer Benefits

The Challenge

Identify (and validate) an opportunity to leapfrog client’s involvement in Microbiome enabled innovation via M&A or 1-100 approach adding to health & wellness business within a short period span of six months.


  • Evaluation of the global microbiome landscape for OTC and other general products linked to Health/VMS/Hygiene
  • Linking ‘capabilities’ to a subsequent pool of ‘global players’ with commercialized products
  • Suggesting tangible ‘next steps’ under an existing or acquired brand

Our Approach

  • Frost & Sullivan conducted a comprehensive landscape assessment of the microbiome platform to identify technologies OTC and other general players as per project needs
  • We listed key and benchmarked technology segments and players within each segment
  • Mapped opportunities within the microbiome landscape to client’s key focus areas


Frost & Sullivan delivered an extensive microbiome landscape overview with strategic insights pertaining to partnerships and recommendations within this space.

  • A final slide deck (summary of findings in MS PowerPoint)
  • Presentation of the interim report and draft of final project report
  • Datasheets with the raw data used for the analysis in MS Excel
  • Frost & Sullivan’s recommended approach

A Top Ranking University in the USA

White Space Analysis, IP Perspectives

The Challenge

The client was interested in analyzing the white space pertaining to a given drug delivery process.


Evaluate the white space that exists for a particular form of drug delivery technology, such that the Client can venture and develop further with respect to technologies in the space which had little or no IP activity.

Our Approach

  • F&S assembled a team of subject matter experts (technical experts and patent analysts) to do the stated work.
  • Several parameters were ascertained with respect to which the white space was to be analyzed.
  • The entire portfolio (patent as well as non-patent literature) for the given technology was studied to understand the existing patenting activity in the given technology space.
  • The study of the existing IP activity threw light on the gaps that persist, where the Client can further act on for R&D.

Our Outcome

  • Analysis of the portfolio with respect to the pre-decided parameters.
  • The application areas of the given technology
  • The different manufacturing methods of the drug delivery system.
  • The different components that are used to develop the particular technology.
  • The various bioactive materials that can be delivered via this method.

Latest Research

  • Smart Electronics and Spectral Imaging to Transform End-to-end Food Traceability and Safety
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  • Growth Opportunities and Technology Innovations for Advanced Clinical Decision Support Platforms
  • Advanced Micro- and Nanofluidics Revolutionizing the Point of Care Diagnostic Industry
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots: R&D Portfolio Assessment
  • Technology Advances in Biodegradable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Growth Opportunities for Polymers in Personal Care
  • Revolutionizing Future of Care Through Immersive Technologies
  • Growth Opportunities for Marine ingredients in Personal Care
  • Frost Radar : Advanced Antibodies, 2020
  • Technology Developments Fuelling Growth Opportunities for Cannabinoids
  • Frost Radar : Microbiome Therapeutics, 2020
  • Frost Radar : Digital Biomarkers Through Connected Devices, 2020
  • Analysing Sepsis Management Part II: Treatments
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  • Frost Radar:Transformative Influenza Vaccines, 2020
  • Data Science Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry Part II: Clinical trial Applications
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  • Data Science Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Expert Systems Accelerating Preclinical Research Across Animal Disease Models
  • Growth Opportunities for IoT-enabled medical devices for Infectious disease management
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis of Recent Cell and Gene Therapy Innovations
  • Growth Opportunities for Natural Fragrances in Personal Care
  • Decoding Technological Advances in Biomanufacturing
  • Technological Advances Facilitating Research Across Preclinical Disease Models
  • Analysing Sepsis Management Part I: Diagnosis
  • Growth Opportunities for Polymeric Materials
  • Future of Therapy: Technology Advances in Drug-device Combination Products
  • 2020 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Emerging Non-opiod Pharmaceuticals for Pain Management
  • Advanced Non-contact Patient Monitoring Technologies: A New Paradigm in Healthcare Monitoring
  • Technology Breakthroughs Driving Allergy & Infectious Disease Therapy
  • Breakthrough Innovations Enhancing Gut Microbial Health
  • Fuelling Digital Pathology Advances Using Artifical Intelligence
  • Innovation Landscape of Protein Alternatives in the F&B industry
  • Medical Devices in 2025: An AI Impact Analysis
  • Disruptive Innovations Fueling Improved NASH Management
  • Technology Innovations and Emerging Applications of Integrated Digital Microscopy
  • Expanding Applications for Additive Manufacturing: The Road Ahead
  • Advances and Emerging Technologies in Interventional Radiology
  • Image Sensors: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
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  • Neural Networks: Key Business Applications and Benefits
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  • Technology Breakthroughs in Antimicrobial Textiles
  • Imaging Innovations for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Disruptive Innovations in Enzymes
  • Impact of Nanomaterials on the Performance of Medical Implants
  • Emerging Microbiome Technologies for Applications in Skin Care
  • MedTech Innovations Impacting Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management – Recent Trends and Future Outlook
  • Next Generation Technologies Enabling High Performance Diagnostic Device
  • Innovation Strategy – Best Practices Review
  • Technological Advances in Gastrointestinal Imaging and Diagnosis
  • Emerging Opportunities for Nanoemulsions
  • Innovations in Biomarker Analytics
  • Disruptive Innovations in Scalp Care
  • Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence
  • Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis
  • Precision Immunotherapy Innovations Transforming Human Health and Wellness
  • Technological Advances in Biobetter and Biosimilar Platforms
  • Emerging Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases Part II: Huntington’s Disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (HD & ALS)
  • Emerging Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Part I: Novel Targeted Therapeutic Strategies Technologies for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
  • Image-guided Navigation Technologies Providing Surgical Guidance
  • Metal Foams–Technology Opportunity Assessment
  • Technology Breakthroughs in Alternatives to Sweeteners
  • Disruptive Technologies in Digital Health
  • HealthWear Enabling Continuous Monitoring and Remote Therapies
  • Sensor Innovations Transforming Healthcare Sector
  • Internet-delivered Therapies and Mobile Health Ushering a New Health Paradigm
  • Novel Technologies Driving Infectious Disease Management
  • Medical Device Innovations Furthering FemTech
  • Technologies Transforming the Biomanufacturing Landscape
  • 2019 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Technologies Enabling Next Generation Vaccine Development
  • Technological Advances Enabling Stem Cells Reprogramming
  • Breakthrough Technologies Building Superior Hospital Infrastructure
  • Breakthroughs in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Management
  • Emerging Opportunites in Synthetic Biology Platforms
  • Game-changing Innovations Transforming Cardiovascular Care
  • Technologies with High Funding: Impact Assessment and Growth Opportunities
  • Turning Big Data to Smart Data: Emerging Opportunities
  • Disruptive Innovations in Natural Colors
  • Digital Pathology: Roadmap to the Future of Medical Diagnosis
  • RNA Technologies Enabling Drug Discovery and Development
  • Disruptive Innovations Redesigning Orthopedic Devices and Procedures
  • Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness
  • Micro- and Nano- encapsulation: Technology Impact Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Companion Diagnostics: Biomarker Platforms Enabling Precision Medicine
  • Emerging innovations in India
  • Gene Editing and Gene Therapy Breakthroughs Propelling Mainstream Treatments
  • 3D Printing Revolutionizing Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Natural Flavors
  • Artificial Intelligence- led Disruptions Powering the Future of Media
  • Novel Therapies for Rare and Genetic Diseases
  • Reimagining Healthcare Delivery: Impact of Gamification and Patient Engagement
  • Organ-on-a-chip Innovations Fueling Drug Screening Applications
  • Internet of Medical Things Enabling Hospitals of the Future
  • Technologies Enabling Food Safety
  • Breakthrough Innovations in PoC Diagnostics for Smart Healthcare
  • 2018 Top Technologies in Health & Wellness
  • ICT Technologies Transfoming the Future of Automotive Sector
  • Healthcare Innovations in Emerging Economies
  • Emerging Sensor Technologies Transforming Medical Diagnostics
  • Innovations in Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Antimicrobial Technologies for Enhanced Consumer Health
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Cybersecurity
  • Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI
  • Unraveling The Chinese Innovation Puzzle
  • Technologies Enabling Super-resolution Biomedical Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Healthcare
  • Breakthrough Delivery Technologies For Flavors And Fragrances
  • Future Wearables in Healthcare – R&D Portfolio Areas and Technology Roadmapping
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities
  • Emerging Opportunities for Self-Healing Materials
  • Advanced Analytics: Disruptive Opportunities
  • Technologies Enabling Intelligent Robotics
  • Materials Innovations Transforming 3D Printing
  • Technologies Driving Precision Medicine
  • Breakthroughs in Leveraging Biomarkers for Oncology
  • Technology Innovations for Patient Engagement
  • Innovations in Smart Sensors
  • Vehicle-to-Everything Technologies for Connected Cars
  • Innovations in Liquid Biopsy Techniques for Cancer Management
  • The Emerging Global Marketplace for Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Technologies Driving Clinical Trial Management
  • Novel Biomaterials for Medical Applications
  • Breakthrough Technologies Enabling Food Safety in Dairy Industry
  • Technology Advancements Shaping Big Data Progress
  • Blockchain Technology Powering Emerging Applications
  • Microbiome Technologies Energizing Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Top Technologies in Health and Wellness, 2017
  • Emerging Woundcare Technologies
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Revolutionizing Healthcare
  • Therapeutic Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
  • Innovations in Big Data Analytics for Healthcare
  • Biomarkers Enabling Diabetes and Obesity Management
  • 3D Printing for Healthcare Applications
  • Future Applications of Virtual Reality (Immersive Computing)
  • Israeli Technologies Impacting the Global Medical Sector
  • Electronic Skin – Advancements and Emerging Opportunities
  • Advances in Material Technologies for Personal Care
  • Technologies Empowering Smart Healthcare
  • Innovations in Materials for Flexible Electronics
  • Nanotechnology to achieve Cost Efficiencies within Global Medical Devices Value Chain
  • Innovations in Ultrasound Imaging
  • Advancements in Nano Sensors
  • Next Generation Sensors for Wearables and Smart Phones
  • Emerging Technologies Energizing the Future of the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Advances in Radiological Imaging
  • Disruptive Technologies Powering New Age Consumer Electronics
  • Advances in Therapeutic Devices for Sleep Apnea
  • Innovations in Cosmetic Procedures
  • Innovations in Microscopy
  • Hospitals of the Future Creating an Era of Personalized Medicine
  • Advances in Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices
  • Advances in Digital Manufacturing
  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Opportunities
  • Therapeutic Advances in Pain Management
  • Regenerative Medicine – The Future of Therapy
  • Atomic Electronics Transforming Consumer Electronics Sector
  • Capacitive Sensing: Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Key Technologies Impacting the Future of Healthcare Industry
  • Technology Breakthroughs in Food Encapsulation
  • Emerging Applications of Nanocellulose Technology
  • Top 10 Health and Wellness Technologies, 2016
  • Next Generation Diabetes Therapy and Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Innovations in Global Proteomics Technologies Market
  • Diagnostic Breakthroughs for Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Next Generation Stent Technologies
  • Enabling Technologies in Global Surgical Robots Market
  • Innovations in Human Enablement and Enhancement Technologies
  • Neuromodulation Technologies – Strategic Perspective
  • Technology Advancements in Ionic Liquids
  • Connected Health: Mobilizing the Power of IoT
  • Infectious diseases in the developing world – Preventative and Diagnostic advances
  • Innovations in wound care and healing
  • Innovations in High Power Electronics Impacting Key Sectors
  • Technology Innovations Enabling Visible Light Communication
  • Novel applications of drug delivery technologies
  • Trends in Nanomedicine
  • Technology Advances Shaping Future of Food Security
  • Healthcare Trends in BRICS
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Precision Agriculture
  • Management of health information – Trends and Innovation
  • Contact-Free Monitoring – Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities
  • Collaboration between Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology
  • Advanced mechanisms in drug delivery
  • Impact of Exascale Computing trends in Key sectors
  • Bio-based Solvents – 6 Dimensional Analysis
  • Insights for CFOs betting on Intellectual Property
  • Global Review of Intellectual Property (IP) Funds
  • Advances in monoclonal antibody therapeutics
  • Transforming cancer treatment with Immunotherapy
  • Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications
  • Design-driven Innovation – Impact on Consumer Market
  • Innovation-Led Clusters: A Benchmarking Report
  • Next Generation Catalysts- Impact Assessment in Oil & Gas Sectors
  • Advanced Techniques and Applications in Optical Imaging
  • Impact of Microspheres in Key Application Sectors
  • 2015 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Impact of Hybrid Imaging Platforms
  • Advances in Gene Therapy
  • Strategic Overview of Patenting Activity in Pharma Sector of BRIC Countries
  • Impact of Quantum Dots in Consumer Electronics
  • 3D Display Technology Innovations Impacting Consumer Sector
  • Energy Harvesting Innovations Disrupting Key Applications
  • Impact of Data Storage Technologies in Key Sectors
  • Breakthrough Technologies Enabling Food Safety
  • Technology Innovations Impacting Connected Living
  • Innovations in Artificial Organs
  • Trends in mammalian cell cultures
  • Bioacoustics Sensing – Prospective Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Technology Innovations Empowering Airport Security
  • Innovations in bone healing
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Microelectronics
  • Millimeter Wave Technology: Impact in Key Applications
  • Top Health and Wellness Technologies in 2015
  • Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies in 2015
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control
  • 3D Bioprinting: Transforming The Future of Healthcare Sector
  • Key Material Technologies for Next Generation Implants
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Latin America
  • Impact of Smart Fabrics in Key Applications
  • Technology Solutions to Innovation Management Challenges
  • Technology Breakthroughs in Synbiotics
  • Data-led Innovations Transforming Key Sectors
  • Impact Assessment of 3D Printing Materials in Key Applications
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Southeast Asia
  • Technologies fuelling Fast Moving Consumer Health (FMCH) Opportunities
  • Impact of Bioadhesives in Key Sectors
  • Polymer Chameleons – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Advances in Imaging and Marker Technology for Oncology Diagnosis
  • Impact Assessment of Smart Packaging in Healthcare, Electronics and Energy
  • Enabling Technological Platforms for Lab-on-Chip Applications
  • Genes and Patents: Evolution; Controversies and Perspectives
  • Sensor Technology Innovations Enabling Quantified-Self
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – India
  • Innovations in Protective Coatings for Medical Devices
  • Technologies Enabling Home Medical Devices and Integrated Care Systems
  • Stem Cells — 6 Dimensional Assessment
  • Impact of Natural Language Processing in Key Applications
  • Advances in Smart Packaging
  • Advanced Materials Enabling 3D Printing
  • Future of Personalized Genomics–Technical Insights
  • Top Technologies in Health and Wellness
  • Top Technologies in Medical Devices and Imaging-2014
  • Technology Competitiveness of Knowledge-Based Economies
  • Advances in Gene Expression Profiling
  • The Untapped Potential in Live Cell Imaging
  • National Innovation Ecosystems (Healthcare, CMF, Energy)
  • Emerging Technologies in Infectious Diseases Diagnostics
  • Emerging Trends in Bioactives for Personal Care
  • Innovations in Allergy Treatment and Monitoring
  • Breakthroughs in Ophthalmic Devices and Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Technology Investment Opportunities in Systems Biology
  • Top Technologies in Health and Wellness–2013
  • Human Life on a Smarter Planet
  • Metabolomics–Newer ‘Omics’ to Analyse Biological Samples
  • 2013 Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies
  • Emerging Trends in Molecular Farming
  • Advances in Food Antimicrobial Coatings
  • Algae: Technology Market Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Advances in Agrochemicals
  • Targeted Drug Delivery–Technologies and Applications
  • Advances in Epigenetic Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Top Technologies in Health and Wellness
  • Impact of Biomarkers
  • Funding Trends in Synthetic Biology
  • Technology Trends in Prebiotics
  • Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies
  • Big Data Analytics: Funding Analysis
  • Recombinant Expression SystemsTechnology Investment Opportunities
  • Prospects in Next Gen Sequencing Technologies
  • BiosimilarsTechnology Market Penetration and Road Mapping
  • Advances in Pharmacovigilance Techniques–Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Predictive Genetic Testing: Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities (including pharmacogenetics and predictive testing for diseases)
  • Transformational Vaccines: Trends and technologies
  • COVID-19 Shaping the Future of Healthcare Technologies
  • Middle Molecule Drug: Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities
  • Therapeutic Advances in Amyloidosis
  • Next Gen Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Technology Developments in LNP and Exosome based Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Advances in biomanufacturing technologies for Biopharma (Traditional Biologics and Vaccines)
  • Technology Advances in Companion Diagnostics
  • Emerging Therapeutics for Rare Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Technology Advances in GI/Liver Disease
  • Pharmacovigilance Platforms: Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities (product surveillance, digital tools to strengthen the supply chain and prevent fraudulant, packaging)

The TechVision group offers a suite of strategic services ranging from a continuous flow of forward-looking intelligence on emerging technologies and new age innovations, interactivity with technology and industry experts, bespoke strategy consulting on technology investments, roadmaps, IP landscapes, and executive workshops for innovation and R&D leadership teams. These services empower its users with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth of their organizations.