Digital Health

Digital Health has become one of the most widely used terms associated with the clinical workflow and business processes critical to improving patient outcomes and the financial performance of the healthcare industry.

Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Health Research Program

The Digital Health team is a leading source of content that explains to all healthcare stakeholders, who is providing digital health technology and services, and what the prognosis for adoption and achieving growth is. The team offers expert coverage of digital health today as well as a visionary view of the likely future state of connected health. This benefit supports the needs of clients who must create strategic plans that anticipate and ensure that they will meet or exceed tomorrow’s parameters of success.

The Digital Health team utilizes a proven methodology that leverages Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary forecast models, access to high-quality internal and external published content, and information gained from primary research interviews. The Digital Health team provides the content that goes well beyond the basic news that everyone can access.

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in digital health research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:


PHM as a concept it offers to potential to achieve a tangible reduction of disease risk. PHM can relieve the financial burden associated with accessing healthcare at a population level. The execution of the concept will result in an intricate interaction between telehealth technologies, software solutions, and healthcare services. The digital health team is heavily focused on the suppliers, applications and users of PHM solutions.


AI offers great promise in a variety of data-driven segments of healthcare.  Significant growth opportunities will be available in areas, such as: Clinical-grade AI applications that advance predictive analytics, medical diagnosis, and clinical documentation.  AI-driven advances will be increasingly visible across the healthcare market including a strong potential for interactive virtual assistants to improve both the patient experience and the clinicians operational workflow.


The IoMT market will grow at a significant rate. In addition to monitoring patients in their homes, breakthroughs in sensors and wireless communications permit patients to be monitored while they are on-the-go.  Thanks to the IoMT patients can do the activities that they want to do on their own terms yet remain connected to their care givers. In the next few years, advanced network solutions will increase the potential of the IoMT and offer an opportunity for patients to generate real-time data that will permit a more active acute care recovery as well as to improve the ability to cope with various chronic conditions.


Technologies such as virtual visits, remote patient monitoring (RPM), mobile health (mHealth), and personal emergency response systems (PERS) have enabled patients to leave the hospital sooner because their chronic or post-acute conditions can be tracked and addressed regardless of their location.  Telehealth is also able to help providers penalties associated with hospital readmissions due to chronic conditions.


The EHR market is of importance to technology vendors, health care providers, and payers. In addition to covering the latest features, functions, technology platforms for hospital EHRs the digital health team assesses the future capabilities that will expand EHR functionality, content, and interoperability as EHRs expand their functionality and reach to all healthcare stakeholders.


Healthcare providers are utilizing healthcare information technologies (HCIT) in a variety of ways to improve the operational and clinical workflow. EHRs are adding content, functionality as new technologies improve the way that physicians can work with these tools.  Interactive patients can easily schedule appointments, access personal data and perform other functions via their smartphone, tablets, or wearables.


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