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Healthcare Growth Team

Our healthcare advisory experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help grow your business

Nitin Naik headshot

Nitin Naik

Growth Expert

Over 20 years of strategic planning, growth strategy, competitive intelligence and alliance management experience in the Healthcare industry.

Healthcare IT | Medtech | Biotech

Unmesh Lal

Growth Expert

Over 15 years of experience in healthcare advisory services, business intelligence and project management.

Healthcare IT | Precision Health

Reenita Das

Growth Coach

Over 25 years of Healthcare industry experience in marketing and Growth Advisory, working with global clients and start-ups to develop and implement growth strategies.

Healthcare IT | Femtech

Charlie Whelan

Growth Coach

20+ years driving transformation in healthcare. Expertise in healthcare consulting and marketing strategy having worked on more than 75 projects worldwide.

Healthcare IT | Consumer healthcare

Daniel Ruppar

Growth Coach

Over 15 years of experience in healthcare advisory services, including analyst, management and consulting positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare IT | Telehealth

Paljit Sohal headshot

Paljit Sohal

Growth Coach

More than 15 years working on the Transformation in Healthcare and Life Sciences through research and healthcare consulting.

Healthcare IT | FMCG

Milind Sabnis Headshot

Milind Sabnis

Growth Coach

More than 15 years of experience in healthcare consulting, guiding Pharma and MeTechn companies, hospitals and governments in strategic and tactical decision making.

Public health | Medical devices

Dinesh Sampath Rangaraj

Growth Coach

Over 23 years leading the transformation in healthcare. Experience in the creation and implementation of business units and investment plans with revenue generation in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare IT | Digital Health

Exploring Healthcare Sectors

Navigate the Complexities of Healthcare & lifesciences

Precision Health

Value-based care & population health management demand precision. Our coaches bridge the gap, helping you deliver personalized care & optimize outcomes.

Healthcare IT

Revolutionize healthcare with powerful Healthcare IT. We help navigate rising costs, staffing gaps & complex data to unlock better care & achieve sustainable growth.

Women's Health

Empower Women’s Health! We champion gender equity in healthcare. We bridge the gap in care, optimizing health outcomes for all. Address unique needs and optimize well-being.

Chronic Care

Master Chronic Care by reducing healthcare costs & improving patient outcomes. Our experts deliver data-driven solutions for better population health.

Our Solutions

Growth Advisory

Unleash growth in the Healthcare & Lifesciences industry with our expert growth advisory services. We help you develop and implement tailored strategies for sustainable growth and business success.

Growth Opportunity Analytics

Discover Hidden Growth Opportunities in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry. Analyze 7 Key Drivers with our Growth Opportunity Analytics and start Making data-driven decisions. Future proof Your Strategy.

Brand & Demand Solutions

Build a Powerful Healthcare Brand & Drive Demand. We craft custom strategies for global reach & pipeline success. Custom content, targeted events & proven strategies.


Uncover disruptive technologies & gain expert insights. Make smarter decisions on today’s digital landscape with TechVision’s advisors and global network.

Visionary Innovation

Shape your future with Visionary Innovation. Expert foresight guides C-Suite & Innovation leaders to navigate disruptive trends & unlock future growth. Get Actionable insights on future markets to drive your success.

Knowledge Partners & Speaking Engagements

Our regional teams support your marketing activities with the latest growth analytics, bring your delegates up-to-date with the latest industry developments and promote your conference or association to our clients.

Start Your Healthcare Industry Transformational Growth Journey

Growth Generator
Growth Opportunities
Frost Radar™
Best Practices
Companies to Action
Growth Pipeline Engine

You have to move with the times to survive and thrive through transformations.

We’ve identified these key Strategic Imperatives for Healthcare & Lifesciences:

  • Competitive Intensity – Entry of Technology Giants into Healthcare
  • Disruptive Technologies – Wearable Health Monitoring Devices
  • Transformative Megatrends – AI in Epidemic Prediction and Prevention Strategies
  • Disruptive Technologies – Nanorobots for Targeted Drug Delivery
  • Innovative Business Models – AI-Driven Diagnostic Platforms by Medtech Startups

Have you spoken to our Growth Team yet about the challenges your company is facing?

Frost & Sullivan’s Ecosystem maps your rapidly evolving industry landscape

  • Is your business ecosystem changing faster than you can keep up with?
  • Do you know who are the new suppliers, customers, partners & disruptors?
  • How is your financial & regulatory ecosystem changing?
  • Has technology & customer preferences redefined your industry?
  • Are you keeping track of the changes in your Ecosystem?

Frost & Sullivan Growth Generator Platform

  • Platform powered by more than six decades of expertise advising organizations that shape the global economy & Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary AI engine
  • Right-sized Growth Opportunities uncovered and tailored for your firm
  • Spark continuous growth and innovation opportunities through full time analysts identifying market movements, new technologies, and new business models

Talk to our Growth Team about identifying your company’s Growth Opportunities

Benchmarking Your Future Growth Potential

The Frost Radar™ is a robust analytical tool that allows us to evaluate companies across two key indices: their focus on continuous innovation and their ability to translate their innovations into consistent growth.

Our work is focused exclusively on identifying the Growth Opportunities of the future and evaluating companies that are best positioned to take advantage of them.

Find out where your company sits in the Growth and Innovation index

Monitoring Global Best Practices in the 10 Growth Processes

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Distribution Channel Optimization
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Product Development
  • New Product Launch
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Technology Strategy
  • Vertical Market Expansion

Does your company excel? Let us know!

Companies to Action maps companies that are set to shape your company’s future

  • Who are the companies shaping your ecosystem?
  • Who are the companies you should be working with?
  • Who should be your suppliers, customers, partners?
  • Who are the companies that should be on your radar for strategic investments?
  • How are you engaging with the companies shaping the future?

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