Qualitative Research Services

There may be situations in which your organization wants to move forward in a general direction, but does not have enough information to explicitly define or rationalize such direction.

Frost & Sullivan provides qualitative research methodologies that can be utilized either as an exploratory technique, to provide the appropriate context and parameters for a more structured quantitative analysis, or as an in-depth research technique that focuses on particular areas identified as important by previous research (either qualitative or quantitative).

Exploratory Analysis of New Markets

A broad strategic intent to enter new, unfamiliar markets, for example, needs to be guided by such qualitative and exploratory techniques. Such a study will identify which product categories are relevant to the market. The magnitude of demand for these product categories can then be measured by a follow-up quantitative survey. Without the proper context provided by qualitative research, the quantitative survey could become a trial and error exercise.

In-Depth Analysis of New Product Ideas and Brand

Product development and brand development initiatives can benefit from qualitative research methods through the generation of fresh ideas and insights from potential customers. It is likewise able to draw out the attached emotions and relevant metaphors related to alternative product concepts and brands. Observed or documented behavior, case studies, and interview results can be analyzed using generally accepted methods for ethnography, semiotics, discourse analysis, and other approaches. These analyses are able to reveal the key behavioral patterns, underlying attitudes, and associated symbols and language that impact specific products, brands, and markets.

Frost & Sullivan has seasoned moderators on staff with expertise in a complete array of industries and areas. A variety of qualitative research data gathering methodologies ranging from traditional (i.e., focus groups and in-person/in-depth interviews) to non-traditional (i.e., online focus groups and tele-focus groups) are available. For business-to-business (B2B) markets, authoritative and key informant respondents are tapped for qualitative insights.

Given Frost & Sullivan’s global presence, we are not bounded by geographic or demographic constraints and are able to recruit respondents and conduct qualitative research virtually anywhere.